It hardly seems possible that James is one week shy of six months – and when I started feeling like a major milk machine again I knew it was time for solids. I procrastinated for a while thinking he surely couldn’t be old enough, but when he began nursing every 2-3 hours again I knew it was time. I got out the rice cereal and mixed up a little and set James up in his car seat. He must have known what was coming because his little feet started kicking and he broken into the biggest wide open mouth grin he could muster. And of course, like any respectable parents we caught some adorable photos.

His Very First Bite:

Very first bite

Oooh! That was good…

This is good!

Oooh! That was really good – give me some more!


And my favorite – my heart soars everytime at those adoring eyes that say, “My Mom/Dad is the best in the world!”

Adoring Eyes


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10 responses to “Solids

  1. Yep, he definitely looked ready! Such cute pictures. I love that third one. So funny!

  2. Joy

    Hey, Julia! Long time no talk! It’s your old friend Joy who used to visit teach with you! I’ve lost your e-mail address. Can you e-mail me at the address I put in the comment form?

    Anyway, waay late congrats on your baby boy! He is SOO cute! What fun, solids now! Hope to hear from you soon!

  3. Philosophical Karen

    Sigh, another milestone, and such sweet pictures. Very cute!

  4. What a sweetheart! cuuuuuuute

  5. Those pictures are too cute! I can’t believe that he is so old already!

  6. Sandi

    I just want to cuddle him!

  7. Kim

    So cute. Makes me want another! They grow up too fast, don’t they?!

  8. Aww, he looks so cute … little ones always remind me of baby birds waiting for their mama to feed them .. mouths wide open :). He’s adorable.

  9. Pamala

    Yahoo! You’re such a great Mom. It’s such a joy to watch your family growing.

  10. Wow, he’s getting so big! I can hardly believe it!

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