Pennsylvania Summers

In the dead of summer when the heat crackled around you and the hummidity made your clothes cling to you like limp rags, those were the days when we would beg our parents to take us to the local sportsmanship pond and go swimming. Playing chicken, and squelching the soft mud at the bottem of the pond between our toes. We would beg dad to take us on the froggy swim across the pond. We would lie on his back as he did the breast stroke, going up and down, in and out of the water.

When we were finally feeling waterlogged we would lie out on our beach towels on the grass in the hot sun and dry ourselves beneath it rays. Often our trips to the pond would include a picnic lunch – or even a birthday celebration for me if it was near my birthday.

In the evenings the heat would cool as the sun dipped low in the sky, but the humidity continued to drape itself across our skin. Fireflies would begin to wink across the night sky and we gathered on the porch to catch the slight breeze. I am sure there were evenings when Mom played her accordian on the porch and we all sang along.

Rarely a night was spent inside – we made pup-tents, or slept in our kid made teepee, sometimes we would just sleep out under the stars, rising early to help with the chores.

Summers were full of fun and hard work as we spent hours sitting on the porch husking corn, or in the kitchen listening to General Conference tapes as we canned peaches, tomatoes, and a bazillion other things harvested from our huge garden. I’m surprised that the fruit and vegetables we canned didn’t have an extra salty taste from the sweat that poured down our forheads and dimpled on our skin in the heat of that kitchen on humid Pennsylvania summer day.

Some of my most vivid memories take place in those hot humid summers – playing Annie Annie I Over until twilight set in, talent shows on the front lawn as we danced and acted out crazy skits. I hope my children will be able to share in some of the same summer memories…


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8 responses to “Pennsylvania Summers

  1. I love this recollection of your past. You must have had so much fun as a kid in summer. (I know school wasn’t fun for you, but summer must have been.)

  2. Sandi

    Summer when I was a kid seemed to last forever too!

  3. Pamala

    I remember the first time I saw Oregon and thought it was such an oasis- so much green. Even normal people had green lawns and regular trees. We could actually have a garden. I thought it was so cool, especially coming from southern CA desert. Of course our garden wasn’t nearly the size of yours. It’s sure fun to read about your childhood:-)

  4. Deb

    Your story sparked a plevy of memories for me. Where I lived, we too helped with the canning, husking, ect.. but we made homemade ice cream in the evenings, sitting on the front porch and listening to the crickets’ songs.

    Great story!

  5. Growing up in my dysfunctional family I didn’t have an incredibly memorable childhood. I try hard to make it memorable for my kids. I hope that in 20 years their memories will be as sweet as these memories you posted 🙂

  6. Kim

    What happy childhood memories! 🙂 Thanks for sharing them – sounds like the type of things I hope my kids will remember in the future (I’m another dysfunctional family person that doesn’t have those type of memories).

  7. I feel bad that Jayden isn’t experiencing the summers I remember. It seems like world we live in now just isn’t there. Summer days sure did last forever, and it was the best to camp out in your back yard and stare up at the stars & listen to the crickets.

  8. I remember the stifling days of summer in PA myself and I still live here. Where are you from?

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