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Random Post in under 5 minutes

So, I have literally been swamped. I will have family visiting/staying with us, some of which whom arrived yesterday, until July 28. We are excited to have everyone here, but having so much family coming into town meant lots of cleaning. Which is the reason I haven’t been writing much. I have been scrubbing, scouring, and organizing – believe me, I would much rather have been writing.


I am back to working on my children’s novel again. I finally dug it out, dusted it off and have officially begun the editing process. Most of the major bugs, such as time-line and incongruencies, have been worked out, and I know what sections I need to work over and add. Woohoo! It feels good to be making progress on it again.


Paul’s bro arrived last night and his two cousins came down as well for a fun family gathering – 17 kids in the house and a mass of fun. At one point we had a jam session with all the kids on rythm instruments while I played the piano. It was a hoot, and defening to boot – it was so loud I could hardly hear myself play. 🙂 We had such an awesome time.


While James was waiting for me to feed him yesterday, Jacob pulled up a chair and began to entertain him. When I saw what he was doing I had to snag the camera and snap a few:




The plan for today is to head to OMSI and baby is beckoning…. seems he thinks he should eat… or something 🙂


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