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No Husband, Late Nights, and an Imagination to Boot

I tend to have an overactive imagination. Usually it doesn’t kick in until the kids are in bed, the husband is gone and all is quiet – but not quiet.  My spidey senses kick in and every creak and groan of the house is magnified. I manage to combat the spooky creeks with movies to a rather late hour – between 11:00 and midnight.  Usually by them I am gauranteed to fall asleep rappidly so my imagination doesn’t get carried away as I lay in a big bed all by myself in a dark room.

So a week or so ago, Friday evening came along and I was watching an old musical when I heard a loud thumping at about 10:30 that even the movie couldn’t mask.  I immediately recognized it for what it was – Jacob was still goofing off in his room.  I went back to check on him and caught him pearing out the window.

“I someone out my window.”

Immediately my mommy radar kicked in. Did he say out or at?  And vivid images of a face smashed up against the window peering into his room plagued my brain.  I looked out the window nothing was in sight. Logic told me her heard a car driving by, and peaked by curiosity looked out to see some people passing by on the sidewalk a ways out from our house.  Logic told me that he had probably just seen his reflection. Logic told me a lot of things – but my imagination rarely listens to my logic.

I asked him if he wanted to say a prayer and he nodded his head yes. So we knelt and prayed for protection while daddy was gone. After that he hopped in bed and snuggled down for a nice pleasant sleep.

I check on the the girls, made sure the house was locked up tight and returned to my movie.  Between it and my computer I managed to keep any vivid imagings at bay until I was falling asleep in my chair and it was nearing 1:00 in the morning.  I checked the doors and the kids once more and headed to bed.

My brain just wouldn’t turn off. I even tried reading some Nancy Drew books to get me to think of something else. I chose Nancy Drew as I knew they wouldn’t capture my attention so much that I would want to read for hours on end. Finally between 2:30 to 3:00 I bit the dust – thankfully my prayers were answered and I managed to avoid any nightmares that would have had me gasping for breath and charging into my children’s rooms to check on them.

Morning dawned and all was well. We spent a fun Saturday, and then the evening came and the nighttime nerves with husband gone began. It wasn’t as bad  – no little boys claiming to see people out the windows, but I still had to ban my imagination from taunting me, and while sleep came earlier, it still didn’t hit until about 1:30.  Those two nights didn’t make Sunday a very good day. In fact it was a disaster. Lets just say I really appreciate my husband and all he does.  I was so thrilled to have him home that night and finally get a decent night’s rest.

An imagination is great when you feel like writing stories – but late at night when you are home alone with your kids – it’s not such a good thing.  *shudder*


***  Totally off topic: I have started a new page called “Here’s What’s Cooking” – I am posting some of our family favorite recipes complete with photo as I make them. Feel free to use and enjou.


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The 10 Year Date

Paul and I try our hardest to go on a date every weekend – inevitably we miss a week-end here and there, but we pretty well. For us this is a necessity – its non-negotiable. Sometimes when things are especially tight and we can barely afford to pay the sitter we simply go for a walk, or play in a nearby park. We find we need the “sanity” break to keep from being overwhelmed by our children – and they need the break to keep from being overwhelmed by us 🙂 . It keeps the spark alive in our marriage as we spend time together, just the two of us, and gives us a chance to visit about whatever it is we are in the mood to visit.

This weeks date was especially special as we actually were able to go out on our anniversary. We wanted to do something a bit more out of the ordinary. So we did something we have always wanted to do, but never have. We went to the Comedy Sportz in Portland. I had been to something like it when I was in Orlando my senior year in highschool for a band competition. I had remembered laughing my guts out. The great thing about the Comedy Sportz Club is that it clean and family friendly. They stress that is is to be enjoyable for everyone, and bad or inappropriate language will earn any of the comedians or audience members the ‘brown bag foul’. Basically you have to sit with a brown bag on your head until the end of that particular game.

So Paul and I made reservations and found ourselves laughing till our sides hurt at 6 hilarious people as they played numerous comedy games. There is a ton of audience participation and jokes flying left and right, even from the audience.

We had a bottle of cider in the car to toast our ten years, had a bite to eat after the show and headed back home after a pleasant break. We returned to four slumbering children and one adorable smiley baby.

I love our times together, and I miss our dates dreadfully when we aren’t able to go. I can go out on my own or with a friend, but I miss that time with my husband as we laugh over old memories, forge new memories, and discuss everything from kids to work, funny jokes to the latest things we’ve heard on the news, or as we rib each other over card games we play while waiting for our food in a restaurant.

So, every week will typically find me out on a hot date – with the greatest man on earth. 🙂


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10 Years

 Wedding Rings

10 years ago I was kneeling at the alter across from my husband with eyes full of love, excitement, and happiness.  10 years ago I said yes twice; I was so excited that I said Yes at the wrong point in the ceremony.  It was quite funny, and of course I have been teased about it ever since.  10 years ago Paul and I stood in the atrium of the Portland, Oregon Temple and exchange rings – only I couldn’t get his ring on, so much to the amusement of all our family and friends he had to put it on himself. 🙂 10 years ago I married the most amazing man I have ever known.

Wedding Photo 2

It is incredible to think that ten years have passed by so quickly.  These years have been packed with amazing wonderful experiences and some of the hardest things that I wonder how we have made it through.  But one thing I know is that through it all we have become closer and stronger.  I love that wonderful man just as much as I did ten years ago – and oh so much more.

Wedding PHoto 1

In our years together we have seen so many wonderful miracles – five of them being our wonderful children who have joined us over the years.  I am excited for the many years to come and all they will bring.  I love my husband and each of my children.  I love their excitement as we pour over the pages of our wedding album and hearing them exclaim, “You look younger!”  or “I love your dress.”  I love to hear them begging for us to tell them the stories about how we met and got married, “one more time”. 

Wedding line

I am so grateful for all that I have in life, and for my husband, who is the greatest husband and father I could ever dream of. 

Wedding Cake
(The infamous cake before its great demise – it toppled – thankfully after the porcelain temple was removed)

I love you dear! Happy Anniversary!

Wedding Boquet

(The beautiful – and very heavy – bridal boquet)


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