The Good and the Bad

OMSI was good – really good. Lots of fun, and we even went on the tour of the submarine which the kids loved – and I will post pics soon.

The bad is that I woke up sick this AM – and Paul ended up being sick too. Two parents sick with company staying is not a cool or fun thing. I really hope Paul’s bro’s family manages to dodge what we have, as well as the kids – only time will tell, and we are all scheduled to be at a family reunion on the beach this weekend.

The good is that after literally sleeping all day – except for maybe an hour or two, I am feeling amazingly better. Much thanks and gratitude given to a very sweet baby who let me sleep. 🙂


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6 responses to “The Good and the Bad

  1. Philosophical Karen

    So glad you are feeling better. Doesn’t sound like the best situation to be in, but hopefully you are through it now.

  2. Heather Mowrer

    Oooooo Julia honey. That’s no good :(. I hate being ill. I’m glad you got some rest though. The truth is, we all have to bow to things like germs and weather. I am always humbled by those kinds of events, even though I gnash my teeth. It reminds me that I shouldn’t spend hours and hours trying to get things perfect becaseu about 25% of the time it all goes for nothing. Hope you feel better!

  3. Sending you and Paul lots of get well wishes….and everyone else there lots of STAY well wishes!!

  4. Pamala

    Good luck! We are looking forward to seeing your family soon:-)

  5. I hope you feel better soon! Good luck!!!

  6. Just checking in to see how you guys are feeling and to wish you a happy 4th! Enjoy your holiday weekend with that great family of yours!

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