Whew! What a Week!

I hardly know where to start… I think I will make this a random post and then focus in on specifics with photos during the next week.

We had family arrive on Sunday and a big family party, Monday we hit OMSI, Tuesday paul and I were sick sick sick, Wednesday we were better and hit the A.C. Gilbert House Discovery Village (a children’s museum in Salem), Thursday we headed to the beach and went to the Oregon Coast Aquarium, Friday we celebrated Independence day with a ton of awesome activities, Saturday Liz got sick at about 2:00 a.m. so we headed in from the beach later that morning and spent the afternoon recooperating from a crazy crazy week full of fun and family.


Today I am home from church with Liz – who is better, but we thought best to keep home today, and Emily who hasn’t thrown up, but has a low fever that seems to just be hanging about. James is home too – mainly because he can’t go many places without me. 🙂


Tomorrow my parents get in! Woohoo! And, Paul’s parents are in town too, so we are looking forward to even more fun over these next couple weeks.


James had his 6 month check-up a week ago this last Friday. He didn’t even cry when the gave him his shot – my brave little guy he is. All is well, though there is one minor issue which has us going off to see a urologist (sp?) over. His left T has not dropped yet, and as he is 6 months old, our pediatrician is concerned. Basically what he told us is that if it was going to drop on its own it would have done that by now. Even more concerning was that the pediatrician couldn’t even find it. So, we have an appt. with the specialist scheduled for the end of August. Chances are they will find it with an ultrasound and be able to give him some injections that will make it drop – if not, well – we will cross that bridge when we get there (it could involve exploratory surgery and other nasty things, so we are really hoping they find it on ultrasound). In the meantime I am focusing on being positive and not getting paranoid or worked up over something that is probably nothing – which is a bit harder than I had anticipated. *sigh*

And here are some pictures from our OMSI trip I mentioned in an earlier post – their special exhibit right now is Dinosaurs – which the kids just loved.



Walk Like a Dinosaur

Walk like a Dinosaur

Building a dino skeleton

Building a dion skeleton

The dino skeleton building spot was full of those tiny little rubber things – kinda like sand, but not. 🙂 I snapped this photo just as Jacob let loose in a moment of pure excitement.


On our way to the sub – you can see it behind the cousins – the two littlest cousins stayed with Paul (he had seen it with GuMike a month ago)

Cousings in front of the sub

Everyone got a chance to look through the periscope – here is Emily taking her turn:

Emily looking through the periscope

Torpedo Room

Submarine Torpedo Room

The Galley

Submarine Galley

And lastly a shot of the submarine going group beside the submarine propeller (minus me as I took the photo).

Submarine propeller


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4 responses to “Whew! What a Week!

  1. We almost went to OMSI this week too! Looks like you had fun!

  2. April Brewster

    So much fun! I love OMSI! You have to go to 3 different museums here to get close to the same experience.

  3. What a fun week! Too bad about the illnesses, though. I wondered if there was sickness still going around when I didn’t see you at church. We’re headed to OMSI tomorrow. Such a great place!

  4. Wow! I’m tired too, just reading this. So sorry you guys got so sick.

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