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A.C. Gilbert House

This is an absolute favorite of the kids, they especially loved visiting there with their cousins. There is a huge outdoor play area – complete with one, two, and three story slides, a sand pit, and tons of other fun things. We started out side – pairing up the three oldest kids in each family in the buddy system.

Outdoor Play Area 2

Outdoor Play Area 4

Outdoor Play Area 3

Outdoor Play Area 5

Out Door Play Area 1

Then we gathered for a picnic lunch.

Picnic Time

After lunch we headed into the different buildings. We had a train room, a dino room, a bubble room, a room devoted to the inside of the body, a baby/toddler room, shadow room, invent a toy room, math room, castle theatre, grocery store, China, ecology, and a cool light room. The kids had a ton of fun – here are some highlights:

The Bubble Room held lots of soapy delights, from hoola hoop bubbles to big sheet bubbles, to a bubble tube where you stood in the middle of a platform, pulled the chain and rose the giant hoop around you so you were in the middle of a bubble.

Bubble Room 1

Bubble Room 2

The girls, with Jacob’s help, put on a play in the Castle Theatre.

Castle Theatre

Castle Theatre - Emily

Here is the same photo in Black and White – I couldn’t decide which one I liked better…

Emily Castle B&W

At one point Dorothy escaped out the window and rode away on the horse you see below

Castle Theatre - Dorothy Escaping

James even got to have fun rolling around the baby room.

Baby Room 2

Baby Room

The China room was a favorite for everyone – though the lady in the corner of one of the pictures wasn’t too happy with us – apparantly we made a lot of noise – but isn’t that what kids do when they are having fun (and fighting – Jacob would screach when Dot invaded his territory – but that is normal family life, and while we are teaching him not to screach, I can’t exactly put a muzzle on him – though it would be nice from time to time, heh)? She took her kids and stormed out making a big huff with a final parting glare at me as the kids crashed some of the play dishes together- no doubt she thought I was a horrible mom and couldn’t keep my kids under control. Oh well, I like big families, and noise, and kids who try hard but definitely aren’t perfect all the time. 🙂

The kids kept “feeding” the baby – it was adorable.

China Room

China Room 2


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