A.C. Gilbert House

This is an absolute favorite of the kids, they especially loved visiting there with their cousins. There is a huge outdoor play area – complete with one, two, and three story slides, a sand pit, and tons of other fun things. We started out side – pairing up the three oldest kids in each family in the buddy system.

Outdoor Play Area 2

Outdoor Play Area 4

Outdoor Play Area 3

Outdoor Play Area 5

Out Door Play Area 1

Then we gathered for a picnic lunch.

Picnic Time

After lunch we headed into the different buildings. We had a train room, a dino room, a bubble room, a room devoted to the inside of the body, a baby/toddler room, shadow room, invent a toy room, math room, castle theatre, grocery store, China, ecology, and a cool light room. The kids had a ton of fun – here are some highlights:

The Bubble Room held lots of soapy delights, from hoola hoop bubbles to big sheet bubbles, to a bubble tube where you stood in the middle of a platform, pulled the chain and rose the giant hoop around you so you were in the middle of a bubble.

Bubble Room 1

Bubble Room 2

The girls, with Jacob’s help, put on a play in the Castle Theatre.

Castle Theatre

Castle Theatre - Emily

Here is the same photo in Black and White – I couldn’t decide which one I liked better…

Emily Castle B&W

At one point Dorothy escaped out the window and rode away on the horse you see below

Castle Theatre - Dorothy Escaping

James even got to have fun rolling around the baby room.

Baby Room 2

Baby Room

The China room was a favorite for everyone – though the lady in the corner of one of the pictures wasn’t too happy with us – apparantly we made a lot of noise – but isn’t that what kids do when they are having fun (and fighting – Jacob would screach when Dot invaded his territory – but that is normal family life, and while we are teaching him not to screach, I can’t exactly put a muzzle on him – though it would be nice from time to time, heh)? She took her kids and stormed out making a big huff with a final parting glare at me as the kids crashed some of the play dishes together- no doubt she thought I was a horrible mom and couldn’t keep my kids under control. Oh well, I like big families, and noise, and kids who try hard but definitely aren’t perfect all the time. šŸ™‚

The kids kept “feeding” the baby – it was adorable.

China Room

China Room 2



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9 responses to “A.C. Gilbert House

  1. Oh I absolutely LOVE Children’s Museums, and that looks like a great one!

  2. Philosophical Karen

    What a great place, and such wonderful photos. I was going to say that the black and white one of Emily looks like it could use a bit more contrast to darken the dark areas. Then I remembered it would look different on a Windows monitor than on the Mac. So I looked at it on my other monitor and yup, there is the contrast I was looking for. Weird how that works. So my vote would be for the black and white, as displayed on a Windows monitor.

  3. Looks like fun! That woman sounds like she needs to loosen up a bit.

  4. RE: the uptight woman

    Oh brother! You’re at a CHILDREN’S museum, lady! The one where they’re supposed to be able to yell and scream and run around, and no one is bothered by it! I feel sorry for her kids, if they can’t even make noise at a CHILDREN’S museum. Sheesh!

    The one time I’ve been to Gilbert House, I was on a date with a guy from Monmouth. He was as rowdy as the kids – good thing he has kids of his own now!

    lol! I should have known that would get your dander up Treen šŸ˜€ Ooooh – that must have been a fun date – how’d you like the slide?

  5. You all do the neatest things with the kiddos. Even though I only had one, he’s been all over the surrounding counties on little trips. Also,almost every beach in the tri-state area. I love to watch kids have fun and learn at the same time.
    Hope everyone is well.

  6. It all looks like so much fun! The kids were making some great memories. Priceless picture of the lady in the corner. I see lots of those looks when I have Jacob on an airplane! (can’t wait to got through it again in a couple weeks!) As my sister has reminded me, “those very same people giving the dirty looks were kids themselves at one time, so screw ’em!” (Yep, we’re from New Jersey)

  7. Forgot to ask…what kind of camera do you have? The quality of your pictures is amazing! My little Kodak Easyshare isn’t cutting it for me anymore!

    Also…do you have some new “lag time” thing going on with your blog? My entries never show up when I write them and I don’t remember that happening before. It’s like they disappear into cyberspace after I hit “submit”!

  8. That looks like so much fun!!! I like the color photo of Emily better. I just love the stained glass window and how it throws a slight green shade on her. So my vote is for color šŸ™‚

    And that lady freaking out about noise…wow. Loosen up!

  9. Thanks for the information. Me this theme too interests. I shall read still.

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