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Oregon Coast Aquarium

Thursday morning everybody packed up cars and kids and we all headed out to the beach. At the beach we were to meet Paul’s parent’s and his other niece and nephew. We all met up at the Alder House – or as we affectionately refer to it – “The Glass Blower”. I have been going to see the glass blower on the Oregon Coast for as long as I can remember. As a young child when we made our trips to Oregon from Pennsylvania a stop at the Oregon Coast and to see the glass blower was inevitable. Later when we moved to Oregon we couldn’t keep away. There is something fascinating about watching the glass blower work. The old building I remember no longer stands as the land it was on was turned into a wildlife refuge, however nearby is the newer building with the glass blower still working away. Though now we see the person he trained more often than him gradually taking over. Paul and I take the kids at least two or three times during the summer – and the glass blowers recognize us by sight.

One of the neatest things about when Paul and I first met was our connection to our favorite places on the Oregon Coast. Though Paul was raised in Montana his father grew up in Oregon. Most summers during Paul’s childhood incorporated a trip to Oregon to visit his aunt – who has a cabin at Neskowin Beach. Neskowin Beach was a favorite of mine, and my highschool friends. Our first non-date over a plate of spaghetti in the Viking of Rick’s College was spent discovering that we each new our favorite places – the glass blower being one of them. I was amazed how we knew and loved the same places and yet lived so far apart.

After the glass blower we (our family, Paul’s brother Mark’s family, and the extra niece and nephew) headed further south to Newport to go to the Oregon Coast aquarium.


It was a really neat place – I hadn’t been for at least 8 years or so, and the kids really enjoyed seeing the different kinds of fish.

School of fish

Of course the kids all flipped over seeing “Dorry” from “Finding Nemo”


I can’t remember the name of this guy – but I always thought these were cool looking fish.

(can't remember name at moment)

Here is a wicked looking spider crab – they made the kids a bit nervous

Spider Crab

And there were tons of different kinds of fascinating looking jellies – they were all so cool to watch

Another Jelly fish

Jelly Fish

Other kind of Jelly fish

And of course the touch pool was a huge hit – all the kids enjoyed the starfish and anenomies

Touch Pool

One of the major highlights of the aquarium is the “Passages of the Deep” – and underwater walk through shark infested waters. It was really neat to see flounders and all sorts of different fish swimming over, under, and beside you.

Passages of the Deep

Passages of the Deep 2

And there were indeed sharks



After we came out of the “Passages of the Deep” we were able to look over Newport Bay – inland. There is a story to Emily’s pouty face there in the photo.

Newport Bay

She hadn’t listened to us about keeping her feet away from the edge of the walk and her sandle had fallen off and below the deck. The gap betweent he rail and the deck was big enough for our arms to fit, but the sandle was out of reach. Paul debated on what to do – hop the rail and risk getting into major trouble, fetching some one for assistance or to let sleeping sandals lie. Finally, especially since the flip flop was new and Emily was in tragic tears, Paul decided to hop the rail. As he began to look around to be sure he wouldn’t be caught in the act, I had a sudden marvelous idea, and grabbed his arm.


“What,” he said eyeing me curiously – no doubt wondering if I had spotted a park attendent lurking nearby.

“I have an idea. We can lower Elizabeth by the feet over the rail and she can grab the sandal – easier not to get in trouble that way.”

An impressed looked dawned on his face – I felt rather impressed. We looked at Elizabeth to see if she was willing, and she bravely nodded her head. So Paul and I picked her up and dangled her over the rail – each of us having a hold of one leg. We lowered her until the snagged the escaped sandal, much to Emily’s delight, and hauled her back onto the deck.

So here’s to grand ideas, scheming, and dangling children off precipices (okay, so it wasn’t exactly a precipice, but that makes it sound more exciting, heh).

And that, was our fun filled day at the Oregon Coast Aquarium.


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