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Independence Day at Neskowin Beach

Friday morning found us gathering at Paul’s aunt’s cabin to ready ourselves for the Independance Day parade. A fine mist dripped around us as we donned our t-shirts and the few instruments there were (Paul and I weren’t playing – just chasing kids) warmed up. We were the “Flip-Flop Band” and were marching in the parade. The kids were excited as they were each handed a pair of flip-flops for a slapping together. In no time at all we had walked to the gathering point near the hotel.

Here is the whole big group – most are family

The Big Group (most are family)

And our little bunch

Kids before parade

Our Fam



Jacob snuck his Susie dog out to march in the parade

Jacob and Susie

James teething on a flip-flop – no worries, they are clean 🙂


Somehow Emily kept avoiding the camera – which is why i have no close-up of her.

Then we got moving –

Parade 3


Parade 2

After the parade there was a flag raising ceremony and patriotic sing along


In the evening we gathered around a bonfire on the beach to watch the fireworks as they lit up the sky – my arms were full of kid so I didn’t get any firework photos – but they were very beautiful.


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