The Smithy


A piano student informed me this last week that a nearby State Park has Living History Days every Saturday. They were period clothing and demonstrate different crafts such as tailoring, woodworking, blacksmith, children’s jobs and games from the 1800s and other such things. The activities are free – only $3 for parking, and not only do you get to participate in the activites, but you get to roam the park as well.

This last Saturday the Blacksmith was at the park. We packed up the kids and headed out, and a short 10 minute drive later we were in the park and standing in front of the black smith. The neatest part of it all is that they have the kids (and adults too if they want) participate. Each kid got to turn the crank that blew the air to get the fire hot. The Blacksmith would heat up the iron and then allow the kids to make a nail by hammering the top.









The Finished Nails



We also got to see a gunsmith – the gentleman really made his own guns, and they were very beautifully made, and a wheelsmith. All in all it was a blast. We will be heading back as frequently as we can for these marvelous demonstrations.


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2 responses to “The Smithy

  1. Wow. That sounds like my kind of field trip. So so so so so so so so cool!

  2. How fun for the kids! I bet they’ll remember that for a long time!

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