Tillamook State Forest Part 2 – the Hike

After our climb up the tower I strapped James back onto my backand we took off across the big suspension bridge across the river and hiked off on one of the many trails. Our destination was the Wilson Falls.

Here we are with Grandma on the bridge before taking off down the trail (Grandpa, our fearless leader, is taking the photo).

All of us and Grandma - grandpa took the photo

View from the bridge

Hike 11

The scenery was absolutely astounding – gorgeous flowers, moss draped trees, and grand trees surrounded us.

Hike 1

Fox Glove

Ocean Spray

Hike 7

Hike 10

Jacob was a good little trooper, hiking away like the other big kids.

Hike 6

Hike 8

Hike 9

He did get tired out from time to time though, and had to hitch a ride on the Daddy Express.

Hike 4

At one point on the hike we came to a narrow log bridge that we had to use to get across the river. Down below us the water was quite deep, and was wide enough to go single file down the log. I was especially nervous having James in the backpack strapped to my back.

Crossing the bridge

Hiking across the log bridge 1

Log Bridge

Hike 2

A ways after the log bridge we be gan the gradual climb up too Willson fall.

Hike 3

And Finally, Wilson falls – which was beautiful, but easily missed. You basically had to look straight up over your head to see anything. I was a bit nervous having James on my back,and feel a bit off ballance – so my photos of the waterfall were horrible – this one is my Dad’s.

Wilson Falls 1

After the falls, Dad, Jacob, James, Emily, and I headed back, while Grandpa, Elizabeth and Dorothy continued for a while. The younger set walked about 3.5 miles – me packing James the whole way! WOOT!, Emily easily walked all of it, and Jacob walked at least 2.5 miles of it. Elizabeth and Dorothy probably hiked closer to 4.5 miles. We had a ton of fun, but towards the end I was really pushing it – and extremely sore after.

Next to come: Part Thre: The Museum


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7 responses to “Tillamook State Forest Part 2 – the Hike

  1. That looks like such a great time! It is so beautiful up there.

  2. Those pictures are all so beautiful! I love the one of Jacob hiking – so cute! 🙂

  3. Hey J, the whole and complete truth needs to be told here. I was there on that last fire tower with Dad and Mom! Ok, I didn’t see a whole lot since mom didn’t have a window but it was sure awesome to start my hiking and horse riding careers early!
    Luv ya, Heidi
    PS- Glad you are enjoying the backpack. It is so nice to have all of mine walking, or running, or skipping, or whatevering down the trail. Have you ever seen a 6’5″ 150 lb. 17 yr. old guy skipping? Those knees and elbows are awesome!!!

  4. Gorgeous place! That bridge is really cool looking. I haven’t seen one like that before. And I love waterfalls. That picture of the whole family is great! So many cute and happy smiles.

  5. Philosophical Karen

    Such beautiful views. I think that narrow log bridge would scare me, though. 🙂

  6. WOW! That just looks beautiful…. although I bet your were nervous, I was nervous seeing you in the pictures on that log, LOL. It’s so nice that your parents are there and enjoying this trip with you all.

  7. Sandi

    What stunning pictures!

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