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Champoeg Barn Dance

Besides the neat living history demonstrations, Champoeg (shampoo-y) State Park also has a monthly barn dance – at least in the summer anyway. A small group comes out to play and teach fun different square dances.

The gentleman standing with his fiddle was the one teaching and calling the dances.

Barn Dance Band

On Saturday after our hike and adventure we got a sitter and Paul, my mom, and I went out to Champoeg to check out the barn dance. It was in a neat little barn behind the visitor center, and there was a nice cool evening breeze blowing through the open doors. We had quite the hoot square dancing as we hadn’t square danced since grade school.

Square Dancin'

More Square Dancin'

Paul even brought his spoons along and had fun playing along with the band.

Paul playing Spoons with the Band

It was quite a fun and unique date – we can’t wait to go to the one in August. 🙂


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