Champoeg Barn Dance

Besides the neat living history demonstrations, Champoeg (shampoo-y) State Park also has a monthly barn dance – at least in the summer anyway. A small group comes out to play and teach fun different square dances.

The gentleman standing with his fiddle was the one teaching and calling the dances.

Barn Dance Band

On Saturday after our hike and adventure we got a sitter and Paul, my mom, and I went out to Champoeg to check out the barn dance. It was in a neat little barn behind the visitor center, and there was a nice cool evening breeze blowing through the open doors. We had quite the hoot square dancing as we hadn’t square danced since grade school.

Square Dancin'

More Square Dancin'

Paul even brought his spoons along and had fun playing along with the band.

Paul playing Spoons with the Band

It was quite a fun and unique date – we can’t wait to go to the one in August. 🙂


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7 responses to “Champoeg Barn Dance

  1. OMGoodness! This looks like SOOOOOO much fun!!!!

  2. Checking in on you guys and glad you’re all still having a blast this summer! Are your summers always so action-packed? Will you adopt me??

    How cool to read the part about the 28 y/o eye dr. assistant who had the open heart surgery for aortic valve stenosis…that’s what my Jacob has!

  3. Don’t tell me Paul can only play spoons now. He should have put his euphonium in his pocket and really jammed. 😉 I’m glad you get to have so much fun. One summer we will come join you.

  4. Wow – that fiddler/caller looks exactly like a guy who used to be in my ward here in DC, and who now lives in Colorado. I did a double take. Anyway, dancing sounds like a fabulous date night! Good for you!

  5. kim

    This is so incredible to see! Thank you so much for putting all this info out into the ether!
    I have another dancing opportunity for you all: The Stout Ball on August 29th at the Newell House museum, it is a fundraiser for Friends of Historic Champoeg and Newell House Museum, and costs $20, but for that you get a supper, and dancing under the stars to a wonderful orchestra from Estacada. Caller is Alan Ede, who is also the caller for this year’s August barn dance. I would be grateful for any help spreading the word about this ball, it is actually a commemoration of a ball that happened in Champoeg in August of 1859!

  6. Patricia Johnson

    Is this the Barn dance on August 20th at Shapooie park? Can we bring our 13 year old daughter?

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