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A Fun Way to End a Stressful Week…

… and a great way to begin a 3 day weekend!

Paul had a marvelous idea that incorporated a giant white sheet, a movie, and a projector.  We had the sheet, and we even had a movie that the kids hadn’t seen (National Treasure), the tricky part was find a projector.  But find one to borrow Paul definitely did.

In a little over an hour the living room was turned into a movie theater as the white sheet was hung in front of the drapes over the large picture window in the front of the house.  Paul even hooked up speakers and stratigically placed them to give us “surround sound”.  Actually it was really awesome. 

The kids flopped out on the floor as we kicked back and relaxed while watching National Treasure on the ‘big screen’.  We even popped pocorn for an authentic movie theater experience – which is actually pretty funny, because on the rare occasion we take the kids to the movies (only made possible by the cheap theater in town – with a family our size, we’d have to take out a small loan to take the kids to the regular theater 😉 ) we never buy popcorn – even the cheap theater stretches the budget.

The kids loved the movie, and we decided that since we don’t have to return the projector for another day or so we’d watch National Treasure 2 tonight  – and now that Paul knows what he is doing and what he needs to get it all set up, it will be up and ready in just a few minutes.

Now, that is what I call nice relaxing fun after a monster week.


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