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We Finally had the Party

One problem with having such a full and fun summer is that summer birthday parties just don’t happen.  Emily turned six this year and by tradition she should have had a friend birthday party.  There just wasn’t an available Saturday to have it.  So, this last Saturday – after two soccer games – Emily finally had her friend birthday party.  She chose a jungle theme and I had quite the fun time coming up with ideas.  We did a couple of jungle related crafts, but the big thing of the party was the jungle safari.

Friday while the boys were napping I used my limited artistic skills to draw and paint giant jungle animals on cardboard – I ended up doing six of them and completing the project late late Friday night.  I also created, on the computer, passports for each kid.  I featured three continents – Asia, Africa, and South America – one per page. Searching through clipart and images on the internet I put stamps and poster images of some of the different countries on the continents to make the passports look for authentic – with a faded map of each continent as a background.  Then on each page I put a picture of two animals that would be found in that continent – girraffe & zebra for Africa, Elephant & Tiger for Asia, Monkey & Parrot for South America.  Beside each animal was an empty box. 

The time came in the party when I explained to the children that we were going to go on a safari. I had to take a few moments and describe to them what a safari was. Paul had taken the carboard paintings out into the yard during the beginning of the party and had hid them all over the yard and in the trees. 

I led them through the jungle vines (streamers) and out into the jungle where they would hunt for and spot the different jungle animals. Everytime they found one they were to come running to me and tell me and I would give them a sticker to put into their passport that matched the animal they found.
Safari 9

Safari 6

Safari 2

Safari 4

Safari 3

Safari 1

Safari 7

Safari 8

Safari 5
We also played the Ostrich Relay – you put a giant ostrich egg (white balloon) between your legs and run/waddle with it. It was hillarious! Especially because the wind kept catching the balloons and blowing them away – they kept popping too! 🙂
Ostrich Relay 2

Ostrich relay 1
 I squeezed in decorating a jungle cake for Emily in between her soccer game and her sisters’ game – good thing I baked the cake the night before. 🙂 
Jungle Cake 2

Jungle Cake 1

Jungle cake with candles

Blow Emmy, Blow!
We had a ton of fun – the safari was such a huge hit. I think I might hang onto those cardboard animals and play safari again with the kids sometime. 🙂


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