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Thank you Tillamook Cheese!

A PR person for Tillamook came across my ‘Tillamook Cheeese Factory at home’ post and requested permission to include a link to the story from the Tillamook Cheese Facebook page. She also requested our adress. After verifying she really was who she said she was 🙂 I called and gave it to her. After that, life went on and I forgot about the whole business until a week later when a mysterious box showed up on my doorstep.

After examining the box I noticed it was from the lady I had spoken to with Tillamook Cheese. I opened up the box and found a thankyou card along with the mini coloring books about the Factory, stickers, a magnetic cow patterned picture frame, and Tillamook Cheese Cow hats.

The kids were thrilled and extremely excited! Thank you Tillamook Cheese! 😀

Thank you Tillamook!


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