Thank you Tillamook Cheese!

A PR person for Tillamook came across my ‘Tillamook Cheeese Factory at home’ post and requested permission to include a link to the story from the Tillamook Cheese Facebook page. She also requested our adress. After verifying she really was who she said she was πŸ™‚ I called and gave it to her. After that, life went on and I forgot about the whole business until a week later when a mysterious box showed up on my doorstep.

After examining the box I noticed it was from the lady I had spoken to with Tillamook Cheese. I opened up the box and found a thankyou card along with the mini coloring books about the Factory, stickers, a magnetic cow patterned picture frame, and Tillamook Cheese Cow hats.

The kids were thrilled and extremely excited! Thank you Tillamook Cheese! πŸ˜€

Thank you Tillamook!


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8 responses to “Thank you Tillamook Cheese!

  1. Neat!!! Blogging can get you some fun things.

  2. I am so glad your kids enjoyed the Tillamook goodies. The picture of the kids in the hats made my day. Thanks for being such great Tillamook fans!

  3. Karen

    Woohoo! The kids look so cute in their hats.

  4. What beautiful little children you have!!!!

    Hey girl… the email on your blog is not right… I have tried emailing you several times in the past and it is returned to me…

  5. mcinsane

    AWESOME!!! That is so cool that they would do something like that for you! In my opinion, that is the sign of a great company. Maybe we should find a great landscaping company and write a fabulous blog post about them and see if they will come out and do our yard.;) Go Cheese!

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