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Photos of James

I promised a while back some photos of James. The little tyke is growing up way too fast. 8 months already! He has two teeth on the bottome, and his two front teeth are coming in on the top now too. He has been crawling and pulling himself up for a while – the standing in the crib photos are a month old or so, and the crawling photos were taken today.

One thing James has in spades is personality. He almost always has a disarming smile to share with you.
Mr. Personality - this was before the 2 teeth popped in

A favorite thing of his to do when he is excited is to go, “Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh”. I caught him in the act –

This photo showcases those two bottom teeth perfectly

2 bottom teeth perfectly showcased

He is one fast little critter

Look at him go!

I'm gonna get you!

Last of all I had to post this photoWith all the bigger kids in soccer, I think James can’t wait for his turn. 🙂 And a huge thanks to April – originally I the photo I posted was dark because I forgot the flash. She ran it through photoshop and lightened up for me – it looks so much better! 🙂 Thanks April!



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