Little Big Kicks

Jacob had his first Little Big Kicks Soccer on Saturday.  It was an absolute hoot to watch. He picked up the idea of dribbling the ball with his feet really fast.  At one point he was kicking the ball to one of the dads on the sidelines. The dad would kick it back, and then Jacob would kick it to him again. Finally after a final kick back fromt he Dad he dribble the ball down the field and kicked it into the goal.  The hardest part was getting him to listen to his coach – but then most of the little 3-year-olds weren’t listening – heh.

Also they let them all practice with their own ball first, and then did a game situation where everyone was chasing one ball. Jacob wanted nothing to do with that- he just wanted his ball back! 🙂 I decided watching 3-year-olds play soccer is the funniest thing ever.

Jacob Soccer 2

Jacob Soccer 1

Jacob Soccer 5

Jacob Soccer 4

Jacob Soccer 3

Jacob like to call the shirt he is wearing his “soccer shirt”. He was calling it his soccer shirt before any of the kids started playing soccer. We have always gotten a kick out of it, and decided it was appropriate, as the back of the shirt says “Tsunami” – very fitting indeed!


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5 responses to “Little Big Kicks

  1. That wouldbe funny to atch. I can’t imagine Dominic being able to pay attention long enough to any kind of instruction, lol. Jacob looks like such a big boy with his soccer ball :).

  2. I guess I didn’t proof read my comment before I posted it, hehe. I meant … “That would be funny to watch”. lol lol

  3. Sandi

    You’re the third person I’ve heard say watching three year olds play soccer is a hoot! Love the pics!

  4. mcinsane

    Gotta love soccer season! Cute pics!

  5. Karen

    At least he’s not the kid wearing the shirt that says “Basketball”. 😉

    Lol! That tells how great my observation skills are – I didn’t even notice! I guess I only have eyes for my boy. 😉 Too funny 😀

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