An Orange Moon

The other night the kids were thrilled with the color of the moon – of course I took a photo of it. At first a branch was in the way – I hadn’t wanted to step of the deck (I was barefoot, it was dark, and I didn’t want to find any doggie presents…)

Moon 1

I finally did get off the deck and got a clear shot of the moon – and I didn’t step on anything gross either!

Moon 2


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5 responses to “An Orange Moon

  1. I actually like the picture with the branch – it’s a really cool silhouette!

  2. I prefer the shot with the branch — getting ready for Halloween!

  3. Karen

    They’re both pretty cool photos. I’m glad you didn’t have to step in anything to get them. 😉

  4. On Wednesday night when i was driving home from scouts the moon was like that! It’s so awesome! I’m ready for Halloween 😀

  5. Sandi

    I love the one with the branch across it. It looks kinda like a fire.

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