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I’ve Been Writing

Just not on my blog.  I’ve also been cleaning, chasing kids, and taxi service to many soccer events.  And, I’ve been editing. Yup. Editing that children’s novel I wrote last year during NaNoWriMo (national novel writing month). 

After numerous edits, whacking off three chapters at the end, and plugging in a chapter near the beginning. Rewriting numerous chapters and items, the beast is nearly finished.  What will I do with it then?  Well, if I can get my guts up enough, I will sending it in to publishers, etc.  We’ll see. Don’t expect anything grand for a looooooooong tim, if ever. But hey, it will be fun to try.

Which, brings me to my next point – about writing and editing and stuff that is.

I get to go to a writing retreat this weekend.  I am going to leave any minute – I’m writing this while I wait for my ride.  Just me and a bunch of women.  Writing. All weekend long.  NO KIDS.  I am so stoked!!! 

There will be classes and critiques and all things writingish and fun. Tons of tons of fun. And did I mention, NO KIDS???!


And I will write more when I get home on Saturday – bye!!!


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