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What a Weekend

Thursday morning I kissed each girl on the head and hurried them out the door. A few minutes later,  I kissed each boy on the head and sent them off with a friend.  And then I, with three friends, took off for a writer’s retreat on a beautiful lake north of Seattle.  It was a long drive – about six hours or so, and worth every minute. 

I met 20 wonderful people and made 20 new friends, I learned a ton, got to hang out with fabulous published authors and authors to be, and I even finished my book. I still have a few edits to make, but it is past the major rough draft stage. I have hacked off chapters, done complete rewrites of a number of chapters, and while I was at the retreat, added a final chapter into the beginning that was desperately needed.  My MAJOR edits should be behind me, with only a few edits and tweaks to go.

So, what am I going to do now? Well, in Mary Lou’s words (at the retreat) I am going to “sieze the trout” and start working on my query letter. Do I think it will get published? I honestly don’t know. I’ve received a lot of positive feedback on it and I figure I will never know until I try. So, I am going to do a bit of research to figure out where to send it, and start the process.  Who knows, in a few years, maybe I will be surprised and we’ll see my name in print somewhere.  And if not, well, I’m ok with that, because my kids and family will enjoy the story – and those to come, regardless. 

 I will keep you updated, and I will try to be more consistent on my blog too. 🙂  It might not be everyday, but I will shoot for at least once a week.

On a side note – James goes in for surgery (for undescended testes & hernia) on Wednesday. We should be home the same day. I will post an update, and prayers are always appreciated. 🙂


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