There and Back Again

My morning began at 3:30 a.m. when the alarm began its screaching reminder to feed James since it was his last time to eat until after surgery.  I staggered to the kitchen, made his bottle, and enjoyed a snuggly moment while he drank. Luckily he slipped back into slumber very quickly and I got a couple more hours sleep before being jerked out of bed once again.

After we managed to get the girls ready for school, Jacob ready for his all-day playdate and James ready for surgery, I took off with James to the hospital, and Paul dropped the kids off at their destinations on his way to work.

I got James registered and checked in and the waiting began.  Just before we headed down to the OR, Paul arrived from work – James gave his first big smile that morning.  We have become a bit too familiar with Emanual Hospital – We could almost find our way to the OR and family waiting room blindfolded.  One of the funny things that I noticed right away was that the hospital changed the type of soap they used in their bathrooms.  The soap still left the skin on your hands feeling tight, dry, and sterile, but the pungeant smell that lingered for days was gone.  The soap was nearly odorless.  It was one of those odd things that stuck out from Jacob’s time in the hospital and subsequent visits. 

I was even able to read, though I had to laugh when I fished my book out of my bag.  I looked at Paul and said, “Maybe this isn’t the best book to read right now.”

“Why?” I held up the book causing him to chuckle.  “Yeah, great choice.”

I was reading “Chopping Spree” by Diane Mott Davidson (a friend loaned it to me – it’s okay, can’t say I love it.)

Despite my choice in books, the surgery went well – and although I knew the incisions would be nothing like Jacob’s I was pleasantly surprised by how small they really were.  The surgery only took an hour and a half and we were discharged from the hospital by 2:00 in the afternoon.  James has been sleeping the day and evening away.  I have been enjoying his snuggliness and am off to catch a few winks myself. I think the day has finally caught up to me.

Thank you all for your prayers, they were greatly appreciated. The day ended up being very peaceful and relaxing.  It is a relief to have it over and done.  Thanks again for the support – we really feel those prayers. We have been so blessed and lifted.  We are grateful for a wonderful family, caring friends, and a multitude of blessings.


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11 responses to “There and Back Again

  1. HOORAY!
    I’m so glad that everything went off without a hitch, despite the unfortunate book choice. 😉 Happy Happy for your family!

  2. I am so glad that the surgery went well. I know what you mean when you noticed the soap. I was always hyperaware of silly little changes that would happen. Our brains remember some of the oddest things.

  3. I am so glad that Jame’s surgery went so well. Here’s hoping for a smooth recovery.

    I’m working on what to write about our experience with Jessica’s hematoma surgery (Tues) and recovery – which has just begun. It’s going to be a long recovery and we had no idea what we were getting into. (I’m taking a break right now to wish you the best.) This surgery wasn’t at all what we were expecting – which makes for an unhappy and frustrating time.


  4. Ughh… surgery and hospitals… that is not a fun thing…

    so happy it all worked out good!!

    Take care …

  5. I’m happy everything went well! Have fun enjoying your snuggly baby!

  6. So glad the surgery went well, and hope that you, and Jacob, get a restful day today after all that unnerving excitement.

    It’s funny the things that stick with us from our extended hospital stays for our children… every time I smell hand sanitizer (Purel, specifically), it brings back a flood of memories. Certain beeps in fast food chains remind me of the monitors. At first, it was a difficult memory. Now it’s one of thanksgiving for my healthy little ones.

    Anywho, sorry for the ramble. Congrats on a successful surgery, and I hope he heals quickly!


  7. Glad everything went so well with the surgery. Praying he’s not in pain today and you have lots more snuggle time with your little man!

  8. I know what you mean. There’s these certain smells of the hospitals that stick with you. I’m so happy to hear that all went well with the surgery. I’m sorry I was a bad blog friend and just came over today to read about it, but I’m glad many prayers were with ya that day 🙂

  9. Pamala

    It’s funny how both your boys had surgeries while they were babies. I’m glad this one was free of complications.

    Your weekend retreat sounds like a lot of fun. It must be a relief to have your book almost all the way done.

  10. So glad to hear all went well. Blessings to you all … xo

  11. April Brewster

    So, so glad that the surgery went well! Snuggly babies are wonderful!

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