Sunday Funnies

I had my first oportunity to translate in Relief Society. While it has been my calling since around the start of the year, I had yet to have a Spanish speaking sister attend.  I think I need to take a water bottle next time – my mouth was cotton dry by the time I was done.  That afternoon while I was working on dinner, Paul was working on lunch and expressing the desire to learn Spanish.

“Decide on a room and I will print up cards and lable every thing. When we are in that room we will try to speak as much spanish as possible.”

He comes up beside me as I am furiously mixing a chicken/cream cheese mixture for chicken rolls, a huge smirk displayed on his face. “How about the bedroom. It’s all greek to me anyway.”

I think I swatted him with my wooden spoon.


I was working at the counter, still making those chicken rolls, when Paul came up behind me and opened the oven. The oven is beside, and a little behind, me, so when the door is open you can’t back up or you’ll run into it.

“Watch out,” he said, “we don’t want hot crossed buns tonight.”

I think Paul must have either been in a corny mood, or just hoping that maybe I would kick him out of the kitchen. 


We had a long weekend, there was no school on Thursday and Friday because of Parent Teacher conferences. So, on Thursday and Friday to help pass the time I built a barbie house out of cardboard boxes with the kids. We used four apple boxes and taped them together. We took wall paper from old wall paper sample books to decorate the walls, and I even picked up some carpet samples from the local carpet store, so their house would be authentic. 

The girls were playing with their barbies and house when Elizabeth and Dorothy came running in. 

“We were playing church with our barbies,” Dorothy said.

Elizabeth grinned. “Yeah, we had prayers and talks and everything.  It felt so real.”

The girls turned to run back to their barbies when Dorothy added the icing on the cake. “Because it was so long.”

Paul and I had tears running down our face – and there wasn’t an onion in sight.


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8 responses to “Sunday Funnies

  1. Oh! I love it that your girls played church!
    My tears would be running too. 🙂
    The Barbie house sounds neat – post a picture??
    Fun to find you out here, J!

    Hi Linda! I’ll get a picture posted soon – the girls had a couple more things they wanted to add to it, before I took photos.

  2. That is hilarious! I feel that way quite frequently.

  3. Love the husband tidbits. Made me laugh out loud.

  4. So funny! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Too funny. Thanks, I needed a laugh on this otherwise dreary Monday!!

  6. the other paul

    Great entries on your blog, J — had fun reading it tonight!

    Hi Big Bro! Thanks for swinging by – glad you had fun 🙂

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