Wading Through the Mire

I have discovered that having 5 sick children is way more exhausting than having 5 healthy children.

Dorothy was fever free all day Sunday and her cold had dwindled to nothing so we sent off to school yesterday.  This morning she said she wasn’t feeling so good. She threw-up.  No school for Dorothy today.

On Sunday Emily started with a mild fever at 100 and a slight cough. She bounces between normal and 100, still coughing off and on, at least she hasn’t thrown up.  yet.

Jacob also started in on a slight cold on Sunday with a very slight fever, though it has been sitting right around normal to 99 – he’s got a pretty good cough though.

Last night James was suddenly congested – not nose congested either.  He sounded like he had lost his voice and was breathing through some pretty heavy gunk. No fever though, which is good.  We are keeping a close I on him – needless to say I didn’t sleep all the well.

And Elizabeth, well Elizabeth is throwing curve balls right and left.  Yesterday, when her fever was sitting at 104, I hauled her into the Doctor’s office.  Her swollen lymph node was slightly more swollen, and the one on the other side of her neck was swollen too.  Motrin will knock her fever down for a while, giving her at least some relief, but then it pops right back up again.  The doc gave us another perscription for a different antibiotic to fill if her fever wasn’t gone by this morning. He also ordered a mumps test and a strep test (from the blood work they took on Friday) and did a TB test too. I get the feeling he doesn’t think it is any of those, but wants to rule everything out that he possibly can.  We haven’t heard anything back on the tests yet – but I figure no news is good news. 

Her fever broke last night. She was sweating up a storm as she slept and it hit 97 (wonderful Motrin).

This morning it was back up at 101.  A couple hours later it hit 103.

 I made a trip to the pharmacy (hauling all 5 kids along with me – thank goodness they have a drive up window, and all the kids could stay in the car) to get the new antibiotic.

On the up side, during nap time (mandatory when kids are sick), I sent inmy first three query letters. Woohoo! I’m really doing something.  I expect it will be a long journey, but at least I have put my feet on the path.


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5 responses to “Wading Through the Mire

  1. Sick is no fun! My family was all sick last week. Luckily I did not get sick (I was in charge of the Primary Program so I was so glad I was healthy!). Good luck taking care of all the kids and I hope all the test results come back clear.

  2. Oh Godfrey…
    and I thought I had it bad w/ ONE…

    I have been joking that now I know why the wild eat their young…


  3. April Brewster

    OY! I hope they all get better quickly. You should get some rest too! 5 sick kids is bad, but being sick with 5 getting healthy kids is almost as bad 😛

  4. earwaxtasteslikecrayons

    So, so sorry about all the sick kids. I hate it when they pass the germs around–and around. Good luck getting everyone well!

    Good for you, sending out some queries. Way to go!


    P.S. I can’t remember if I ever replied to your instrument question (too many emails lately)–but I play the bassoon.

  5. Karen

    Wow, that many sick kids is certainly not my idea of fun. I hope Elizabeth gets better soon. Keep us posted on how she is doing. Oh, and good luck on your new journey towards published authorhood.

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