Daily Archives: October 29, 2008


We are making progress – little by little.  Emily and Dorothy were back to school today.  Jacob though threw up at three this morning – no episodes since, so I think he is over it now.  I ended up taking James in to see the doc yesterday as he was wheezing pretty good.  True to baby form he quit wheezing the moment we walked into the doctor’s office. 

He did give a couple of great barky coughs for him though and a wheeze or two.  Nothing was in his lungs, which was great news, and the doctor declared that it was croup.  He wrote us out a perscription for steroids and walked us through everything we needed to do if he got really bad in the middle of the night to avoid a trip to the ER.  The perscription was for today incase he had a rough night and we felt he needed it.  James had a decent night – a few pretty wheezy moments but the stridors weren’t too bad and with the humidfier running all night long he made it through okay.

Elizabeth’s fever was down to 100-101 today without motrin. Hallelujah! Granted, it is still a fever – and her glands are swollen, but at least it was down.  The rest of the tests were all negative too – no cat scratch fever, mumps, strep, or TB – so, yay for that.  We started the new antibiotic yesterday so it is hard to tell if it is helping, or if she has a virus that is finally winding down. Here’s hoping it continues to wind down and doesn’t spike back up again.

I think I’m getting a bit of a cold – after a couple nights of rough sleep and days of sick kids, I’m not surprised.  More vitamin C and stuff down the hatch!


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