Daily Archives: December 15, 2008

Let it Snow!

We’ve got powder! Honest to goodness powder – the so powdery can’t make snowmen powder! It snowed all day yesterday and into the evening. Roads are horrible, so we have Daddy home today. There is something magical about singing Christmas carols around the piano when there is snow crisp and clean outside, the chirstmas tree is lit, and water is heating on the stove for hot chocolate. Mmmmmm.

Of course the kids had to romp and play this morning, and while the snow isn’t deep, it is enough to excite us oregonians.

December 15 Snow Collage 1

December 15 Snow Collage 2

December 15 Snow Collage 3

December 15 Snow Collage 4
And here I sit in my chilly office (I keep my door closed so the heat from the stove stays in the main room where it is needed most) with my red sweater wrapped around me, sipping on my hot chocolate and enjoying a beatiful winter view of our backyard from my window.   (insert sigh of contentment here) 🙂


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