And it Keeps a’comin’ down

The snow from Sunday still lays upon the ground, the roads are snow pack and icy, and today it snowed, and snowed, and snowed, and snowed…  It was wonderful!  I bundled the kids up for a walk in our winter wonderland and we walked to a nearby friend’s house.  From there my friend and I ditched the kids with her teenage son (who was willing to watch them) to go on a long winter walk to the grocery store (roughly 3-4 miles round trip).  It was so much fun with snow falling and swirling all around us.  Its supposed to keep coming down. If we are lucky, we might even end up with a white Christmas. 🙂

The kids love the snow, but are missing school. Each day I tell them no school tomorrow, I am greeted with wails and sad faces.  I think the sadness is due mainly to missing all the Christmas parties that happen this week. 🙂  So, it looks like we get a three week Christmas vacation rather than a two week.

The snow falling today is wetter snow, great for snowballs and of course snowmen, so the kids were out builing away this afternoon.

I love the excitement in the air as Christmas approaches and kids make snow angels. On our walk, Jacob would stop every few minutes to throw himself on the sidewalk and create a snow angel.  The girls rolled snowballs down the sidewalk, the baby went “aaaaaaaahhhhhh” as the stroller bumped over the snow, and I smiled at my five happy children, capturing this magical moment forever in my heart.

It might be a pain to drive in, but snow is Magic!

Elizabeth Snow December 17

Dorothy Snow December 17

Emily Snow December 17

Jacob Snow December 17


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3 responses to “And it Keeps a’comin’ down

  1. I’m glad you guys are having fun in it! 🙂 You’ve got way more than we got. What little we had is washed away now, though it sounds like we’ll get more tonight. It sure would be fun to have another White Christmas! 🙂

  2. I tried to teach my kids about snow angels and they thought I was nuts for lying down in the snow.

  3. April Brewster

    So fun! My boys are jealous and really wish it would snow down here. Not likely! That’s OK, cause they were putting on their mittens to play out on the patio yesterday- it was 58 degrees 🙂

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