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Happy Birthday to the Little Guy!

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James is one today, my how the year has flown by. It hardly seems possible that he is one already. I spent the early part of the day preparing his cake and decorating the family room, making it as non-Christmasy as possible to focus on his special day. The kids were excited and eager to help.

James cracked us up with his constant “Hi”s and clapping as we sung to him and sat him down beside his little pile of treasure. He opened Grandma E’s Birthday card first and was completely enthralled by it. He wouldn’t let it go, being much more interested in it than any of the presents to be opened. We finally had to hide it so we could get on with the evening. 🙂

James' 1st Birthday Presents Collage

He was amazed at the Jack-in-the-Box, but not too sure about the big stuffed bear. We warmed up to it eventually, but he was giving it almost the same look as he gave Santa on Christmas Eve. It was quite hillarious.

One-year-olds experiencing cake and icecream for the first time crack me up. I love the looks of excitement and the silly faces they make as they eat the cold treat. James gave us this look of sheer joy and amazement, “This is all for me!” and proceeded to feast away while the rest of the family giggled and laughed away as they watched him.

James' 1st Birthday Cake Collage


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