Gurgle Gurgle Slosh

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Our snow has all melted and been washed away. It has been raining pretty steady for quite some time and we began to worry about water under the house again – what with 18 inches of snow melting and tons of rain since then.

As the rain continued through the  day yesterday Paul worked to make sure our ditch (or stream/river depending on the season) was cleaned out and cleaned out our problem gutters too.

Well last night it began to really rain. Not the light rain we have had all week but a steady downpour – it has been a LONG time since we have seen rain that heavy and steady.   It was midnight when Paul through on his coat and shuffled out to check under the house. What had been a measly two inches had risen shockingly to 18 inches of water.  We grabbed the sump pump and put it too work.  The street looked like a mini river.

After we had done all we could we headed inside to go to bed. It was 1:00 in the morning and we heard an odd dripping in the living room. It was raining so hard that we had water dripping down our chimney – not much at least.  We stuck a bucket under there, said a prayer and went to bed. Before we went we flipped the heat on as it was getting a bit chilly and the fire in our wood stove had gone out (we didn’t feel like trying to get it going again this late/early).

I think it took me at least half an hour to overcome my worries and fall asleep.  It was 2:00 in the morning when something woke me with a jolt.  In the dark I saw Paul’s shadow hunched over the heating vent as my sense zeroed in on a strange gurgling sound – like air trying to force itself through water.

There was water in our heating vents.  Paul shut off the heat and checked under the house.  It was up to two feet deep.  If it got much deeper we could have flooding and major damage.  We prayed and pled with the Lord to watch over my parent’s house as they were serving him on a mission. It took me a long time to fall asleep after that. Consequently I am exhausted today.

He did.  The rain stopped shortly.  There is still a ton of water under there, and we might have to replace the heating ducts, but it could have been so much worse.  Of course, I have no idea how we’ll manage to rip out and replace all the heating ducts if it comes to that, but I am confident that somehow that Heavenly Father will prepare the way.  The danger is, is that if they are a certain kind of duct, then they won’t dry properly and we’ll get mold. We’ve kinda been wondering about that anyway, because it seems that on the rare occasion we do turn the heat on, everyone in the house gets sick.  So, maybe we’ve had water in the vents in the past and just not known it because the heat wasn’t on. 

So, how do we get all this water under our house?  A few different reasons:

#1 We are on the down side of a hill – so when the ground is saturated and it has no where else to go water runs under our house.

#2 There is an easeway behind us that slopes toward our property and is not properly drained – the water pools at the end of it at the edge of  our back yard and runs onto our property.

#3 We have a lovely back yard neighbor – the kind that Karen writes about.  He is pumping the water out  from under his house/yard into our back yard (at least it doesn’t have clorine in it – that we know of anyway).  Isn’t that nice of him to share?  (be sure to read that last bit with a heavy load of sarcasm). The end of his hose butts up right against our wire fence.  Such a nice guy – like we needed more water.  Oh, and to add the icing on the cake he chopped off the limbs of trees and things that were hanging unto his property (that part is fine) and dumped them in our yard! (that part is not fine).  So all the debris he dumped in our yard clogged our ditch that we use for water run off. (of course Paul cleaned it out again, but that was just RUDE).   Paul said he was going to go talk to him, but I seriously doubt it will do an ounce of good. Of course I haven’t really met the guy yet and I may be jumping to conclusions, maybe his is just a nice clueless guy, but I really don’t see that as a possibility.  Ok, someone tell me to be nice and not judge…

Maybe the kids can accidently jam the end of his drainage tube with mud and gunk or…. cement?

Well, I shall turn my mean nasty thoughts aside and enjoy the gorgeous sunny day that God has blessed us with while I continue to call and compare heating and airconditioning guys.

Happy New Year. lol.


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9 responses to “Gurgle Gurgle Slosh

  1. Oh my goodness, Julia, how awful! That sounds so stressful and like just the kind of thing I don’t handle very well. I was up later than I should have been listening to that rain pounding down. That was crazy! I’m sorry half of it ended up in your house. Good luck getting the vents taken care of, and I would be mad at the neighbor too. How can he be that clueless?!

  2. April Brewster

    Ugh! Hope it all clears out soon! We’re all due for some nice weather, right?

  3. moniquel319

    Uhh Sorry it’s been so frustrating. We had a bad neighbor situation in our old house and our only solution in the end, after having to call the police a few times, was to move. It amazes me sometimes how people can be so mean spirited. Hopefully yours is simply clueless and sorry when he realizes what he has done. I find regularly delivering baked goods to all my neighbors helps on the meanness front;-)

  4. Oh I am so sorry that you are having to deal with so much water!! It has to be very stressful to worry about. Replacing the heating ducts can be very expensive so I hope you find someone who is good and honest. You should ask John, Hopes husband he might know someone! I will keep you in our prayers. I know god is watching out for you!!

  5. Karen

    Oh, my gosh! I don’t think you can get a much worse start to the New Year than water problems and … clueless neighbours. You know I can relate on both counts!

  6. What an … uh … adventure?! Good luck!!!

  7. Wow, I’m sorry! I kept listening to the rain pouring last night and felt a little nervous too – not for any reason, just because it was A LOT of water! I hope everything dries out nicely for you guys! Good luck!

  8. I’m sorry for all your wet worries. Sometimes natural things can turn into a nuisance. To make you feel a little better, at one point our roof leaked in about 7 different spots before we had it replaced. Also use to get water in the basement. Our wet vac was put to work good. We added lots of topsoil around the troublesome side of the house-probably needs more by now.
    I hope your heating ducts are ok. Wishing you all the best-thanks for dropping by.

  9. I am glad that the water stopped. We are on the down side of a hill too and we have to be very careful about our basement flooding. Luckily it does not rain as much here as it does up there.

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