Excuse Me, Ma’am, Your Hose was Left On

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That is what a well meaning citizen told me when I answered the door today just before noon.  I wasn’t surprised considering this is what he saw:

Pumping the Water out

“Actually,” I told him, “that is the water being pumped from under our house.”

“Oh my,” he said looking rather staggered. “So, that’s a good thing then.”

“Yes,” I reply, “a very good thing. Thanks so much for stopping by though, it was very considerate.”

And I meant it, because it really was.

So, that is the hose pumping the water out of our crawl space under a tree on our front lawn. It has been flowing that heavily since yesterday morning. At least the rain is holding off so we’re not adding to it.   🙂



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7 responses to “Excuse Me, Ma’am, Your Hose was Left On

  1. Oh. Wow.

    What a considerate neighbour! (and so nice of you to acknowledge that, in the past when I have tried to be a considerate neighbour I am usually rebuffed with some scathing remark about invading privacy.)

  2. I saw in the news how portland is waterlogged! I love neighbors who think to say something. It was very nice of them to take the time to stop by and tell you!! I pray it continues to get better for you.

  3. Karen

    I am fervently hoping the rain holds off for you. What a nice neighbour! Makes up for other, less-than-nice neighbours, don’t you think?

  4. zoo

    I hope someone is building a boat…


    Actually, I hope the weather settles down and no boat will be needed. Goodness!

  5. Sounds like the weather is making life a bit more exciting for you . . . Just what we all need, huh? A little extra stress.:)

  6. Good luck parting your sea 😉

    I hope the rain gives you a break!

  7. mcinsane

    HOLY HANNAH!!! My best wishes are with you! We don’t like flooding basements or crawl spaces…not good news!!!

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