Looking for the North Pole

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There is a big decorated tree on the main road in and out of out town.  The kids have taken to calling it The North Pole – I think mainly because of the giant decorated tree in “Polar Express”. 

The other day we were headed back home from a neighboring town.  I had all five kids loaded into the car.  We were still at least 3-5 miles out when Elizabeth excitedly said, “We have to look for the North Pole guys.  Keep your eyes open!”

I chuckled, and didn’t bother to tell her it was quite a ways yet.  It was much more fun to listen to their speculations of when the North Pole would appear.  After a short while Dorothy, in a very excited voice piped up, “I see it! I see it!”

The tree was no where in sight.  Emily responded, “Where? I can’t see it.”

Dorothy very quickly responded, “I’m pretending I’m a giraffe.”


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4 responses to “Looking for the North Pole

  1. Ahhhh…. Happy New Year by the way LOL

  2. always a pleasure to meet another heart mom and such an encouragement to see a healthy, thriving, growing TGA survivor. Your children are beautiful. Love the little feet pictures at your blog head! Yes, of course feel free to link our Evie and thanks to you and yours for keeping our little one in prayer. She remains an inigma to doctors and we are trying to sort out what other underlying issues are causing severe desaturations at times.

    And no, don’t feel guilty about not noticing earlier. I really view it as Gods goodness. We had 10 days at home to bond and love on her whereas so many heart babies are wisked away at birth. We saw too that it allowed her to get back to breastfeeding much quicker because she had done it before.

    Glad to be in touch and keep up with eachothers sweet-hearts~

  3. Karen

    Oh gosh! Children are so delightful when it comes to stuff like that. You are so very fortunate. 🙂

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