Well, He’s Got the Idea at Least

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We are still working on potty training Jacob. He can go in the toilet and knows he should go in the toilet, but gets so busy or involved that he doesn’t want to go in the toilet. For him he only goes if he feels like it – which is more often not, unfortunately.

Yesterday I had just finished cleaning up a stinky when the phone rang. It was a woman I had talked with last week about starting piano lessons. She had called to schedule a lesson time with me (yay!). I sent Jacob off to use the toilet and get dressed and began to talk with the woman on the phone.

A few minutes into the conversation Jacob ran up to me. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him triumphantly hold up a ziploc bag and declare, “I did it!”

Still trying to schedule the piano lessons I turned my attention on Jacob and saw that the ziploc bag had a fair quantity of yellow water in.

It suddenly hit me as I took the bag from him what I was holding – A ziploc baggy of pee!

Instead of running to the toilet he had peed in a baggy. I ended up spending the rest of my phone conversation holding a baggy of pee up over my head with Jacob jumping around me trying to get it back. I barely managed to finish my conversation in a dignified manner before hanging up and calling Paul.

“You’ll never believe what I am holding in my hand right now,” I told him and broke down in laughter.


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13 responses to “Well, He’s Got the Idea at Least

  1. zoo

    I guess he wanted to store success in a baggie. LOL

    No telling where this is going to lead…

  2. That is totally funny. I guess progress is good… The image of you on the phone with the baggy totally cracked me up!

  3. I don’t know how you maintained your composure on the phone!

  4. April Brewster

    LOLLLL!! HHHAAAHHHAAA! Little boys are so funny!

  5. Lol!!!! I would not have been able to keep from laughing while on the phone.

  6. OMGOSH! This is HILARIOUS!!!!

  7. Karen

    Oh. My. Goodness!

    Save that story for when he brings his first girlfriend home to meet the parents.

  8. LOL, way tooo funny!! I am having some of the same problems with Kara except she just holds it forever! Way to be a multi-tasker!! At least you got to finish a conversation!

  9. sfrack

    That is sooooo funny. I will visualize your story for a long time! I absolutely love you banner. Are you a photographer?
    I am a piano teacher and have many blogs on piano education. Please take a peak; some may be insightful as a to be piano parent.
    Good luck. Please keep reporting! haha

  10. Hey, I think that counts as progress. Who says potty training has to be on the potty? Too funny…glad to hear other mom’s that have such crazy hilarious experiences! Good luck!

    Would love to talk more sometime. Does he have any ongoing issues after the TGA correction?

  11. Molly

    Hilarious! What an independent little guy but sounds like he’s close to being potty trained!

  12. Hehehe, that’s so funny! I bet Paul didn’t know what you were holding!!!

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