Alive and Posting

Back to posting – I have missed it actually – and I have to apologize for horribly neglecting my friends and their blogs. I was catching up today and it has been fun to see what everyone has been up to while I have had my head buried in writing.

So, I figured today would make a good random post day –


We are still potty training Jacob – why are boys SO much harder than girls? *sigh*


James is a hoot and a half – he is walking everywhere now on those adorable shaky one-year-old legs. He also likes to sing! It is the cutest thing ever. Because of space restrictions in the house he is still in a crib in our bedroom. We are awakened in the morning by “Hi”s, waves, and cute soft little singing. We love it!


Dorothy sang in a school talent show – in front of a ton of people – all by herself and she was even on pitch, and you could understand what she was singing! Go Dorothy – not to mention the courage that had to take. She is also playing the piano non-stop. πŸ™‚


Elizabeth played the piano in the same talent show and did really well – she has tons of courage too.


The girls have a new temporary principal at their school – the coolest thing is that she was my 7th and 8h grade teacher for social studies and language arts. She was the teacher that encouraged me in writing. πŸ™‚


Emily was beaned in the head by a rather large toy – right in the forehead. Thankfully I could just butterfly it and didn’t have to take her in to have it stitched. Man, head wounds bleed a TON.


Paul spent a week in Mexico in the Yucatan in January and had a marvelous time while I stayed home and had fun with the kids – we really did have fun too. (I’m not saying it wasn’t tough sometimes – because it really was – and I might have been just a little bit jealous)


Paul and I got to escape for a weekend (just a couple weekends ago) BY OURSELVES!!! Well, with friends, but without kids. It was SO much fun, and we got to ride a carousel too – coolest thing ever.


I tweaked my Belinda book some more, and I think I am ready to send out another wave of queries. It’s kind of fun. And, I have the opportunity to attend a writer’s conference in Utah in April – very excited about that. My goal is to have The Forbidden Fairytale cleaned up and submission ready by then.


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4 responses to “Alive and Posting

  1. Hey Julia, I just wanted to make sure that you knew that I am from Salt Lake, and there is a major standing invitation to any and all of my friends to stay with my parents any time they are in the area. They are empty nesters who really love having people stay with them. You would be treated like a queen, and free lodging can’t be beat! Just wanted to pass along the invitation, just in case I can make your conference easier for you to attend πŸ˜‰ Oh, and my parents actually call me to say thanks for sending us your friends… so they really would want you there.

  2. I would love a few days away from the kids. Don’t think it’s going to happen any time soon.

    Don’t you love the walking babies? Grant is hobbling all around here and it is cute to see him so tentative when the flooring changes from hardwood to carpet to tile. Should I take the step or not? So cute. πŸ™‚

  3. Karen

    Good for you (on the writing front) and glad to see you back here.

  4. Heather Mowrer

    I like this random post list style. Lot’s of info in a short read time. I’ve been really bad about reading blogs lately too. Seems I can either post or read, not both. Sometimes neither ;).

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