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Ice Cubes and the ER

Friday, Jacob decided he wanted an icecube–or maybe he was trying to be helpful as we got dinner ready. I had gone into Paul’s office to talk with him for a moment when I heard him start crying. A quick glimpse out the door told me something was wrong as I barely spotted him with blood on his face as he tore off to the bathroom.

Paul and I were hot on his trail, knowing that he would look in the mirror and panic. We didn’t catch him fast enough though. By the time we got to the bathroom he was wailing and terrified.

After a quick examination (and fast call to big sister for advice) we decided that he was going to have to stitches. The gash was a big one – he had fallen and bitten his lip – VERY badly. So I gave him some ice in a little towel, and whisked him off to the ER.

The ER visit was fast as most ER visits go – we were out after only a little over 2 hours. There was no wait in the lobby, though the nurse checking us in kept looking at us skeptically as though I was an unsavory character who didn’t look properly after her pre-schooler (never mind the fact that Jacob is a super active wiggly boy). Of course maybe it didn’t help that I wasn’t perfectly manicured and dressed to the nines. 🙂

Anyway, we were, of course, grilled over Jacob’s heart history. This was his first ER visit since the day we raced in and discovered he had a heart defect. I now understand a little more when friends mention that ERs panic over heart patients, etc. It was obvious that he needed stitches. The doc worried about knocking him out because of risks and side effects with no cardioligist, etc. to grab if something went horribly wrong.

So, it was decided that they would do a local numbing and then, since it was only two stitches, he’d just stitch it up really quick. Looking back I probably could have insisted – I mean he’s been knocked out a bunch without any side-effects – but it’s hard to think clearly in ERs – *sigh* So, I’m afraid I put that poor boy through more trauma than was neccessary for just 2 stitches, but then I also understand the Doctor’s desire for caution…

Jacob was a champion though and did really well – considering. And he was awarded with a nice big milkshake on the way home.


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