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Calling Readers – The Forbidden Fairytale

I am ready for readers! I can’t describe how much it helps to have extra eyes read over the manuscript and catch all the flaws that I have become so accustomed to seeing that I am blind to them. 😀

My goal is to have the manuscript ready by the end of April, so I need a few willing readers who can get it back to me within a couple of weeks. With that being said, here is the gist of the story:

When Gladys’s parents die she is separated from her sister and sent to live with a distant relative, Duke Conomor. The Duke lives alone in a dark foreboding chateau and upon her arrival shows her to a forbidden room she must never enter, and yet he asks her to wear the key around her neck and to never remove it. Mysterious things keep happening in the castle and the forbidden room is constantly tempting her, the Duke is cruel, and everyone things she is going mad. Well, everyone except the handsome apprentice lawyer and his friend.

Anyway, I obviously need to work on my pitch, but if you would like to give it a read, drop me an email or comment. Thanks!


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