He’s Four!

It seems so hard to believe that Jacob is four years old today. It is amazing to me to look back at his journey.









And now it’s 2009 and he is 4! Wow! What a celebration. Happy Birthday kiddo! I can’t begin to say how much you have enriched our lives.

(he was supposed to have his cardiology appt. yesterday – but we had to re-schedule do to illness – he and James have RSV – but we caught before it got really bad. Both boys are improving greatly. More about that in another post. His cardio appt. will be on March 31)


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11 responses to “He’s Four!

  1. We have that same dragon overall set. I loved it so much that I bought it in two sizes, but then what do you expect from a mom that is a fantasy reader.

  2. Happy Birthday heart buddy Jacob!!! We hope you have a wonderful day celebrating!

    Hugs & Prayers,
    Christina and Jacob

  3. April Brewster

    Happy Birthday, Jacob!

  4. Amazing.

    Happy Birthday!

  5. Terri@steelmagnolia

    Happy Birthday sweet boy…

    Matthew will be 4 in May.. goes by fast…

    Kiss him for me.

  6. Such a cute, fun, smart, sweet boy! I love the pictures. Happy birthday Jacob!

  7. Happy Birthday Jacob … you’re such a special little blessing. Enjoy your day! xoxo

  8. zoo

    that is unbelievable that he is 4. FOUR! nuh uh! and he’s got the soccer thing going. i like that little miracle. 😉

  9. mcinsane

    What a Cutie!!! Happy Birthday Jacob!

  10. Happy Birthday Jacob! He is getting so big!!!

  11. Happy Birthday Jacob!!!!! Sorry I am late! I haven’t stopped by in a while – tax season always keeps me super busy. I hope he had a great birthday and he will have a good pc check up tomorrow. I liked the story about your watch – my dad always wore a mickey mouse watch which looked pretty funny with his military uniform 🙂

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