Jacob’s Cardiology Appointment

We had Jacob’s cardiology check-up today and everything is going well. There is a slight murmer – which is caused as blood slips through his pulmonary a bit quicker, and that is fine – apparantly it is very normal for Transposition patients and Jacob’s is better than most. He also has a mild leak of the aortic valve. It has increased some, but isn’t anything to cause concern. If it worsens a lot then at some point something will be done, but the cardiologist didn’t see that happening.

Jacob has no physical restrictions and doesn’t have to go back for another cardiology check-up until he is 6! Another two years! Yippee!

The doc was impressed with his energy – which Jacob has A LOT of. They double checked his oxygen (mainly because part of Jacob’s lip looked blue – but his has looked like that off and on since he bit through it and had to have stitches. When it decides to look purplish/blue it is also cold to the touch. Kinda wierd.) and it was perfect – 98-100.

Jacob getting his echo

He trooped right through his echo, though I think Thomas the Train helped a great deal in keeping him still. All in all, a great trip to the cardiology office today. 🙂

P.S. I think we finally have this boy potty trained!!! WOOT!!


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7 responses to “Jacob’s Cardiology Appointment

  1. Yeah for good echo results! I love that he is doing so good.

  2. April Brewster

    Go, Jacob! Glad he’s doing so well, and two years til the next check-up! Woot!

  3. Two years, wow! I can’t fathom! What a great report.

    Without a tv/dvd player, Elijah would never do as well with the echos. Thank goodness for them!

  4. How awesome!!!! YAY, Jacob!

  5. Karen

    Yay for Jacob! Good news all round!

  6. Congrats on such a great PC visit! Jess had her appointment recently and the good news is that nothing has changed. At least her heart isn’t getting a lot worse at this point. YAY!

    Sorry I don’t make it here much anymore but I’m sure you understand how busy it’s gotten with Jessica’s ischemia of the bowels getting worse and her pain levels are way up. But I got a chance tonight to visit some blogs I’ve ignored for far too long and wanted to say “HI!”

    Come on by when you get a chance. I loved looking at your zoo pictures. Your kids are just too adorable!

    ((hugs)) to you and your family.

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