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A Puppy for a Day

We had Jacob’s birthday party finally – it was post-poned when both boys ended up with RSV (at least we caught it before it got bad enough to send them to the ER or hospital – I thought it was a bad cold and ear infection for Jacob, so I took him in – ended up in both boys with RSV – I was never so grateful for an ear infection before).

We decided that a puppy party was in order due to Jacob’s love of all things doggy. I had this brilliant idea to make giant cardboard doghouses – the trick was where to find giant cardboard boxes. I now have a favorite appliance store! We got a washer box, a dryer box – and two refrigerator boxes! The smaller boxes were turned into doghouses – the refrigerator boxes were turned into a castle (pics to come). I made a puppy cake, puppy ears, and painted the kids faces (those who wanted it). Oh, and I picked up some cheap dogbowls at the dollar store and served their cake and icecream in dog bowls!

Jacob Birthday 2

We made dog collars out of giant beads – and I had to laugh as Jacob’s was most collar like, being all plain brown wood beads. For the dog tags I had cut little circles out of an old pie tin and wrote their names on them – those hung in the center of their collars.

Jacob Birthday 1

We played find the bone where I hid a bunch of poster-board cut-out white bones and the kids “sniffed” them out. Other than that, I just let the kids play and pretend they were dogs. The party was a hit! And the boxes provided lasting entertainment for days. 😀

One last photo collage – On Jacob’s actual birthday we had a mini family party with cupcakes for the birthday boy. I had to post a few of those adorable photos too. 🙂

Jacob Birthday 3


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