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A Quick peek at Paul’s birthday (back in January)

I am that lame! I didn’t realize, I never posted any of the adorable photos from Paul’s birthday. His birthday was on a Sunday, so we went to the zoo on the Saturday before as a special outing.

Jan 2009 Zoo 1

Jan 2009 Zoo 2

Then we celebrated on Sunday.

Paul's Birthday 2009 1

Paul had just returned from his week-long trip to Mexico. He was only teasing when he told me he was expecting a Mayan Temple cake – but I decided to quickly see what I could do. It was all very spur of the moment – so it doesn’t look very good, but it was fun to see his face! We called it Cakenizta. 🙂 My brother’s birthday is a few days after my husband’s (and both are named Paul) so we had a joint celebration.

Paul's Birthday 2009 2


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