A Quick peek at Paul’s birthday (back in January)

I am that lame! I didn’t realize, I never posted any of the adorable photos from Paul’s birthday. His birthday was on a Sunday, so we went to the zoo on the Saturday before as a special outing.

Jan 2009 Zoo 1

Jan 2009 Zoo 2

Then we celebrated on Sunday.

Paul's Birthday 2009 1

Paul had just returned from his week-long trip to Mexico. He was only teasing when he told me he was expecting a Mayan Temple cake – but I decided to quickly see what I could do. It was all very spur of the moment – so it doesn’t look very good, but it was fun to see his face! We called it Cakenizta. 🙂 My brother’s birthday is a few days after my husband’s (and both are named Paul) so we had a joint celebration.

Paul's Birthday 2009 2


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4 responses to “A Quick peek at Paul’s birthday (back in January)

  1. Cakenitza is brilliant!

  2. What great pictures you always get! I love them all, but the one that really stands out is Paul on the couch with all the kids, the bigger one. Priceless! What fun birthday celebrations. Love the cake!

  3. Love the pictures at the zoo!! Portland zoo is one of my favorite places in the world to be! Happy birthday Paul. Great job on the cake!

  4. PerpetualChocoholic

    Love the zoo pics!

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