Writing Conference

I started the month of April with the full intention of blogging regularly, when it jumped up and attacked me. Paul, Elizabeth, Dorothy, and I were all involved in an Easter pageant which sucked up our time (more on that later) and many other things which just made me busy busy busy.

One of those things was attending the LDS Storymaker’s Conference in Provo, Utah this past weekend. It was an amazing experience. Every class I attended was informative and well planned. I feel as though I gained a wealth of knowledge.

When registering for the conference I had the oportunity to sign up for extras – one of which was the boot camp, and early morning critique session which was fun, informative, and very valuable. The other extras were oportunities to meet with agents and editors to either pitch or review the 1st ten pages of your manuscript.

I signed up with Amy Jameson, an agent with A+B Works. Aside from being absolutely terrified, I was also excited and curious to hear her feedback. It is a rare opportunity to have face time with an agent and I appreciated every moment of it. The manuscript we went over was my YA novel I recently completed.

Aside from disliking my synopsis (which I completely agree with) and not caring at all for my title (which I also agree with, and am currently working on a new one) she told me she liked my voice. She also liked my humor, characters, and said it was one of her favorites from all the ones she had read for the conference. So, I am sending my first 50 pages of my manuscript in for her to read. I am simply thrilled and encouraged with such positive feedback.


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5 responses to “Writing Conference

  1. That’s FANTASTIC!

  2. How exciting!!! Congratulations!

  3. April Brewster

    Yeah! That’s great! Hope it continues to go well 🙂

  4. Kim

    I can’t wait to read what you’ve been cookin’!

    This is my year to write my first novel. I just finished an eBook (informational – a serious lack of creativity there, but it paid a tiny bit). I’m looking forward to some ‘real’ writing.

    Yay for you on the positive feedback!!! I look forward to the day I can purchase a copy at B&N, or better yet, stop by for a book signing. Keep it up!

  5. Hurray!!! I’m glad it went so well!!!

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