Heart Walk Coming Up

Usually I post about it long before now, but things have been abnormally busy. 🙂 The annual Portland, Oregon are Heart Walk is fast approaching! I finally managed to get myself signed up for it today. It is hard to believe that Jacob is already four years old! The walk will be on May 17th, and I invite any who are in the area and want to join us, to please do so, and any who feel inclined to donate, your donations are needed, welcomed, and we are very grateful for them!

Join the Walk





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2 responses to “Heart Walk Coming Up

  1. April Brewster

    Wow! Jacob REALLY looks like Paul in that last picture!

  2. Was just surf the web about the come up heart walk this Saturday! Great to hear you sign up! This will be are first year sign up! My husband has D-TGA (CHD) and will be walk this year with me and are little girl that is 9. What time does your group leave? What team are you on? We under heart and soul! Good luck this Saturday!

    The Zeigler Family

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