Is it just me or does time seem to be speeding up?

It seems I am continually swamped – there is always something happening, something to do, something to be done… and in the process my blog gets forgotten. Well, not forgotten exactly. It sits there and I constantly scold myself that I need to write on it like I used to, and catch up with my friends. But then something else happens to send things spinning by even faster and all blog thoughts are forgotten until I am laying in my bed late at night and I think “Oh shoot, I was going to get to my blogging and bogging friends today.”

Among other things so far this spring we have dealt with lice twice (like 4-5 months apart – signifying a complete top to bottom scrubbing of the house and everything in it – I am still swamped by laundry and I want to happily strangle the parent who obviously isn’t getting rid of the critter the right way – we have a no nit policy at the school, but if they don’t clean their house right it doesn’t help much. And when you have to shampoo 7 peoples hair (miserable business that is) and rent a shampooer and everything else it gets a might bit expensive. Grrrrr. Emily now has a cute pixie cut again in hopes that she will be spared and we are happily looking forward to getting out of school in a couple of weeks.

We have had A LOT of sickies, a wedding in Montana, an overnight beach trip, a homemade movie involving coconut horsecloppers and a cardboard castle, a break from writing – I’ve been to busy to even do that, getting our vegetable garden in, three school music programs, family car wash, a visit from grandparents and trip to the aviation museum, our usualy Easter trip to the hospital, 2 more birthdays since Jacob’s and a little boy moving into the big boys room (I can’t believe he’s that big now! I keep calling him a baby, and he has been a toddler for a while now – 17 months old already!)

Anyway, I will post about quite a few of these things seperately – hopefully anyway šŸ™‚ I’d say I was going to try to post every day this month, but then my sister (and her 6 kids) is going to be visiting this week – so I figure that will make it a bit hard to keep up on the goal if I make it :-D.

Anyway, in parting I will leave with you a photo collage or two of our adventures in car washing.

Car Wash Collage-001 edit for blog

Car Wash Collage-002


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One response to “Is it just me or does time seem to be speeding up?

  1. Karen

    Good to hear from you! Your kids are all growing up so fast!

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