The Fly

Jacob is scared of bugs. Anything from spiders and big beetles to the common house fly. I think it all started with his sisters squealing over bees – anything time something flies around him he looses it.

He has gotten better, but we recently had a conversation that went something like this:

Dad: It’s a fly. There is nothing to be afraid of.

Jacob (a very earnest look upon his face): Yes there is it will hurt me.

Dad: Son, flies can’t hurt you

Jacob: Yeah. They land on your arm and go like this (he grabs hold of his arm and lifts it up ward). They don’t let go and they take your arm and fly away.

Dad: Flies are tiny. They can’t pull your arms off.

Jacob: Yes they can. They stick to you and go like this. (He once again mimics the fly grabbing his arm and flying away with it)

I don’t know that we ever convinced him that flies can’t rip off his limbs and fly away with them, but he definitely gets creativity points 😀


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5 responses to “The Fly

  1. April Brewster

    LOL! The imagination is a powerful thing!

  2. Karen

    Oh my goodness! How cute.

  3. I must say that is SO cute!!!!

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  4. Monique

    Yeah my daughter was fine until a spider decided to hitchhike on her arm one day. She blew a gasket! My husband said he’d never seen her so scared. Now if it creeps, crawls, or flies she is freaked out by it. And I mean full on little girl screaming bloody murder screech. ~sigh~maybe they’ll grow out of it huh?

  5. Lol lol oh my, Jacob … you’re so cute :).

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