Making Mischief

Food coloring and kids seem to have a magnetic draw. They seek each other out and create beautiful things. In my husband’s case it was a dyed poodle (I think – he can correct me if I am wrong) in Jacob’s case it was bubbles.

He wanted to dye the bottles of bubbles different colors – and dye them he did. I was out with the kids in the backyard and Jacob had gone inside to use the bathroom. Unbeknownst to me he made a swift detour into the kitchen and snagged the food coloring. I noticed when one of the bottles was spilled and looked a strange vibrant green. And then I saw a splotch of blue someplace else.

Then I saw the bottom of Jacob’s feet, after he had stepped in one of the puddles of spilled dyed bubbles – they were bright blue! James got a hold of one of the bottles and had his face dyed blue, his hands dyed blue, his feet dyed blue. It was decided that evening as we hung out in the teepee that we have a tribe of the blue-foot indians. 🙂

That was Monday, and I sincerely hoped the mischief was over, but unfortunately the trouble for the week had just begun. Tuesday brought a babysitter and disastrous consequences as she underestimated Jacob’s mischeif making prowess. He ate half a box of icecream bars, went through numerous cans of juice concentrate that I swear were poured all over the floor as you couldn’t walk a few feet without having to leaf a layer of skin behind as you peeled your foot off the ground. He also decided to paint with the toothpaste all over the bathroom floor. And where was the babysitter during all this? My question exactly – needless to say, we won’t be having her back anytime soon.

I had hoped that after yesterday he had exhausted his mischief creativity – but obviously not. Today I had a few important phone calls to make and disappeared into my office while the kids ate breakfast. Apparantly they wanted sugar and couldn’t open the big bucket. To Jacob’s credit, Dorothy was the one who had the big idea – he just was the happy benefactor. She decided to pull the 25 lb (or so) bag of sugar off the shelf in the garage, rip it open, and fetch a cup of sugar.

When I stumbled upon the scene, Jacob was happily sitting in the middle of the garage floor with sugar all around him happily chowing away. There was sugar EVERYwhere. I vacuumed and vacuumed and vacuumed some more, and that floor is still sticky.

Man, if the week keeps going like this, I will committed to the insane assylum at the end of it!


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8 responses to “Making Mischief

  1. Wow, what a week so far. Is this what I have to look forward to with a son? Boy, I am in trouble.

    Hugs & Prayers,

  2. moniquel319

    Um Wow! My bad weeks usually just involve a lot of poop. I have to admit, the whole time you were writing about all the things he was doing while the babysitter was there I kept thinking, what the heck was that babysitter doing? Thank goodness it was edible and not chemical!

  3. moniquel319

    Hope you didn’t pay them…

  4. OMGoodness!!!!! I am totally laughing right now. I’m sorry to be laughing, but I can just totally picture it! Why is it when one thing bad happens it just continues and continues and continues…. I really hope your week turns around at some point soon!

  5. April Brewster

    LOL! I’m not going to apologize for laughing, ’cause it’s funny! If this is the worst mischief he gets into in his life, you’ll be blessed! Little boys seem to be very tactile. My boys decided to dye the toilet water different colors. Bubbles are better!

  6. Lol, wow … what a mischevious little boy you’ve got there! I’m laughing because I have 3 mischevious boys, so I know all about the trouble they can get themselves into, hehe.

  7. Kim

    I laughed until my eyes were weeping over this one. Ahhh, glad to see I’m not the only mom who gets a run for her money. I only have two though – no clue how you handle five happy helpers!!

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