Wow! The summer has just been flying by! One of the highlights of the summer so far was our trip to Eastern Idaho for a family reunion. It was great to see all of Paul’s family and we even had a chance to visit Yellowstone. The trip was too short (four days – two of which were spent driving – without air conditioning I might add). But the kids had a blast and while our trip through Yellowstone was a quick one day visit it was wonderful and we can’t wait until we get to go again.

Yellow Stone-001

Yellow Stone-002

Yellow Stone-003

Yellow Stone-004

Yellow Stone-005


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8 responses to “Yellowstone

  1. Awwwww, I had forgotten how much I missed Yellowstone until I saw these pictures. What a wonderful thing to do with your children, you’re creating such great memories!

  2. Monique

    Great Pictures!!!

  3. How fun!!!!! I haven’t been there in about 10 years. What fun for your family!!!

  4. Karen

    What a great combination of photos you have put together in that mosaic. Sounds like you had a fun trip with the family!

  5. Oh my gorgeousness!!! I’m completely behind in my blog reading and have made the decision to just jump in where I’m at instead of back tracking…so I hope that all before this post has been peachy!

    We’re doing fabulous! I just really want to plan a meet up with you sometime… so bummed that I missed you our last Portland hospital visit 😦

  6. Pamala

    Nice pictures. I’ve always wanted to go to Yellowstone. Maybe some day…

  7. zoo

    i love all the photos. why didn’t you take me? 😉

  8. Cool pics. I thought they came from a brochure until I saw you guys in them.

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