Limes Float

Dorothy had decided Monday that for our special family night treat we would have lime sherbet floats, but she wanted to keep it a secret. We were seated at the table for dinner when one of the children asked if they could have a cookie for desert. Paul started to say yes when I gave him a swift kick. Under my breath I hissed at him, “Lime floats.”

Children always have a keen sense of hearing when you DON’T want them to hear (just not when you DO want them to hear, heh). Elizabeth pipes up. “Lime Floats!” With a very please-with-herself grin.

I shot Paul a mischievous grin and turned to Elizabeth. “Really? Limes float?”

“That’s not what-” she began when I cut her off and turned to Paul.

“You know that is a great idea. It would be a fun experiment. I happen to have a lime in the fridge because I didn’t get the pico made the other day.”

Catching on quick he smiled and rose from the table. He filled a pitcher with water, extracted the lime from the fridge and plunked it inside with a soft splash.

“Well?” I asked.

He walked over to the table and plunked the pitcher in the middle. “There’s your lime float Liz.”

There were many giggles as each of the children peaked in the picture to see the lime floating serenely in the pitcher. After everyone had taken a peak he snagged Liz’s cup and pored some water in her cup. “There you go. Lime float!”

She laughed and then said his name, using the two-tone approach. “Da-ad.”

“She right! You forgot something,” I proclaimed. I reached into the pitcher and pluck the lime from the water, then proceeded to drop it into her cup. “Now you have an honest to goodness lime float.”

Finally after we were all finished laughing, Elizabeth pipes up. “I meant a float with lime ice-cream.”

Paul looks her in the eye. “I can honestly tell you we have no lime ice-cream whatsoever.”

Faces fell and Dorothy tried to smother a smirk, though her eyes sparkled merrily. Finally it was time for desert and we plunked a carton of lime sherbet and a bottle of Squirt on the table.

Elizabeth eyed the sherbet dubiously. “Da-ad, you said we didn’t have any lime ice-cream.”

I smiled at her and answered for my husband. “We don’t. This is sherbet. Ice-cream and sherbet are two completely different things. They don’t make lime ice-cream.”

She rolled her eyes at me and excepted her cup with a grin. I must say everyone seemed to enjoy their lime SHERBET floats amidst much laughter.

(Did I ever mention that we love to play with our kids minds? hee hee hee)


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3 responses to “Limes Float

  1. That is why I love having kids, it is a blast messing with them. Evan likes to ask us to push him in, meaning he wants us to push his chair in closer to the table. We will gently push him in instead of the chair which will get an exasperated sigh and he will then clarify and ask us to push his chair in.

  2. April Brewster

    Messing with your kids minds is one of the best benefits of parenting! Keep up the good work!

  3. Pamala

    Good one. If we ever need a dose of humor we know where to go…hehe.

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