“I don’t know that my mom is pregnant”

We found out a few weeks ago that number six is on the way.  SIX!! We felt very strongly for some time that we had another member of our family waiting to join us, but it is still mind boggling to me.  We told a few people when we found out, we usually wait to tell people until we’ve safely made it through the first trimester, but the more kids you have the faster you pooch and the harder it is to hide (for me anyway).

So a week or so ago one of my friends, not realizing that we hadn’t told all the kids yet, mentioned it to my 7-year-old. “Are you excited your mommy is having a new baby?”

She looked at the woman, shrugged her shoulders and said, “I don’t know that my mom is pregnant.”

I waited for her to ask me about it, but she never did. My friend and I, and Paul all had a good laugh over it, but the question never came. We finally gave in and told the kids this week and Em was elated, as was every one else, but she never acknowledged that she had been told a week earlier – I don’t think it ever sunk in 😀

So, there you have it! Number 6 is officially on its way. I had my first ultrasound today and so I now have a due date – September 10. My first prenatal will be partway through Feb. Oh – and morning sickness? Eh, not much, just perpetual nausea that lasts most of the day – and being REALLY tired.  Other than that, we are good (as long as no one minds the messy house).

So, this year is proving to be an interesting one full of changes: a baby,  and some major change in living arrangements and/or job, and with any luck maybe I’ll get a bite or two on one of my manuscripts – 20 rejections on one and counting – yeehaw! (I can’t complain or get discouraged until I hit triple digits :-D). Who knows what will happen or where we will land. My parents are coming home soon and we will either be buying their house (if Paul gets a better job that will allow us to) or flying the coop to who knows where. The great job/house hunt has begun and where we land is anybody’s guess.

Scary, exciting, nervewracking, and wonderful all wrapped up in one.  We get to focus on painting and being sure the house is ready to sell in case we don’t buy it, while hoping we can stay (we really do love it here and the house, and yard and… and…) but looking anywhere and everywhere for a job that will support the growing family better and pay Paul what he’s worth. (He’s officially done with school by the way – woot!!)

So, maybe this will be our year too – at any rate we already have one marvelous change and are looking forward to possibly many others and hopefully not TOO much stress along the way. 😀


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17 responses to ““I don’t know that my mom is pregnant”

  1. YOU’RE PREGNANT?!?!?!?!?!?

    haha just kiddin! I’m excited to be preggo buddies! I haven’t been to the dr yet to see when I’m due. I hate doctors. I’m putting it off as long as possible. I can’t wait to hear about whatever other changes come to your family this year!!! It’s going to be an AWESOME year 😀

  2. Congratulations! (officially, this time)

    I’m sure everything will work out just swimmingly for you guys, whatever the future holds!

  3. moniquel319

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Bummer that it’s so close to Oct. I was in the same boat this time last year. 🙂 I’m very happy for you! Hopefully you’ll “land” somewhere beautiful or better yet be able to stay right where you are! Thoughts and prayers your way.

  4. Congratulations!! I am so excited for you! I can’t believe your having number six, I bet you are so excited!! Good luck on finding a job and on the housing!!!

  5. Ellen

    Congrats, Julia!!

  6. April Brewster

    Wow! Congrats!

  7. Grats! You are one brave woman!

  8. Congrats again! I’m so excited for you, Julia! What a lucky baby to be born into such an awesome family!

  9. First off… Congratulations!!!! Wow, so much going on! I think I’d be freaking out! lol I like how positive you are about it all, and you’re right, it’s all going to work out. It’s kind of exciting to not know exactly what will happen – it means that anything is possible! I hope you stay in the area – we still haven’t met yet! 😉

  10. Congratulations!! How very very exciting! What a year you guys have in store, it sounds like. Lots of change, but lots of exciting change. I’m glad you’re not feeling too sick with your pregnancy. Hopefully it stays that way! Oh, and I am due June 11th, since you asked. 🙂 CONGRATS!

  11. Perpetual Chocoholic

    Contratulations! God must know you can handle it! Me…not so much. Four is enough for me;-)

  12. Congrats! Best of luck with all the changes. Things generally work out for the best, or at least that’s what we tell ourselves right?!?! There’s always something to be learned/ adventures to be had. Some just come together easier than others 🙂

  13. congrats as always! I was so afraid that my kids would hear from someone else that we finally broke down and told them too… all three of us are official now 😉 Let the barfing continue.

    Oh, I was just told by my doc that Alfalfa pills can help with nausia… if only the taste of them didn’t make me barf. heh.

  14. Wendy

    Congratulations, Julia! I’m so happy for you.

  15. Kellie

    Congratulations! So happy for you and the fam. Some day I hope i get to meet y’all. 🙂
    Prayers and positive thoughts from Texas,

  16. You sure have a year of change coming up! Congrats on #6-think you’ll even it out 3 and 3? : )
    More power to you. Just figured out a local newslady, who is almost 49 (a bit younger than me) is having twins in June. She didn’t want her 9 yr old son to be an only child. Think he is use to that already. That is the age you look forward to being a grandparent!
    Take good care!

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